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10 Best Dressed Coachella Celebs Of All Time

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We’re breaking down 10 of the best dressed Coachella celebs of all time, right here on News Feed!
Coachella fashion is always fun, trendy, and totally wild, so let’s look back at some of our favorite celeb looks from the festival of all time!

Up first, Vanessa Hudgens has been the unofficial Queen of Coachella for years, thanks to the fact that her style at the music festival is always on point, hippie chic, and two steps ahead of the latest trends. She’s rocked a ton of different looks at the festival over the years and since each one is straight-up perfection, we couldn’t pick just one look to gush about!

Next up, Shay Mitchell stunned amongst the Coachella crowds in 2014 with her Haute Hippie ensemble of short jean shorts and a white peasant crop top that showed off some major sexy cleavage. She finished off the look with some layered chunky necklaces that gave the outfit a rock n’ roll twist. Seriously, this woman couldn’t be any hotter if she tried.

Another desert beauty who we could rave about for days is Bella Thorne. Bella’s festival style has evolved over the years, but we especially heart the floral maxi dress she wore to Coachella in 2015. She perfectly accessorized the casual and cute H&M dress with a matching flower headband, which made her look like a real-life desert princess.

Next up, when it comes to the more eclectic side of Coachella fashion, no one does it like Katy Perry. Katy always goes for a more fun and unique look at Coachella, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! One of our favorite unique looks Katy rocked at Coachella 2012 was a sexy yet sophisticated sheer black dress adorned with big, colorful flowers. The top definitely brought attention to her most famous assets, because girl’s got cleavage for days!

Next on our list, Rihanna surprised fans during Calvin Harris’s Coachella set by joining him to perform their hit, “We Found Love”. She looked like a bonafide rock star, wearing a tasseled red, white, and blue jacket, along a crop top, camo hat, and ripped jeans. But I mean, let’s face it–Rihanna could wear a paper bag and she’d STILL look like a rock star.

Next up, Gigi Hadid gave us MAJOR Penny Lane from ‘Almost Famous’ vibes back in 2015. Gigi looked flawless at the festival as she frolicked through the desert wearing a fringe suede jacket, black short shorts and matching crocheted top. The outfit showed off her enviable figure, and her long flowing mane was the perfect accessory to round-out the rock n’ roll look.

One woman who knows how to keep things fun and performance-friendly at the festival is Beyonce. Queen Bee rocked a super fun look in 2014 when she joined sister Solange onstage during her set to do some amazing coordinated dancing. Bee’s colourful two-piece frock and hat created the perfect laid-back party look that gave the perfect amount of movement to show off her incredible dance skills.

And speaking of super fun performances, Lorde brought the 80s to Coachella in 2016 with her baggy black and gold striped pants and matching oversized-jacket. But she also updated the throwback look with a short black crop top that brought a sexy edge to the sophisticated suit. MC Hammer would be proud.

Next up, Sarah Hyland looked all kinds of adorable at Coachella in 2015 with a cute orange two-piece frock and a sunflower-adorned flower crown, accompanied with accessories like a chunky belt and rainbow-colored hair. She’s got that fun, down-to-earth feel to her that just screams “I’m here to get down”–which should probably be the goal of going to a music festival, right?!

And last but definitely not least, Kendall Jenner has been killing the Coachella fashion game, looking flawless at the festival year after year. That being said, our favorite Kendall look by far is her 2015 pirate-inspired ensemble that featured a gypsy-inspired crop top and belt,
as well as a black sheer skirt that showed of her amazing gams. She finished off the look with gold accessories, perfectly fit for the Pirate Queen of Coachella…

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37 thoughts on “10 Best Dressed Coachella Celebs Of All Time

  1. I hate how Coachella now is about just being there and not the actual music!! Plus are they still letting people wear Native American Headdresses because as a full blood Native American that shit is annoying and offensive!!!!

  2. I find it really tacky that these people think a music festival is a hipster hippie fashion show. It's so cheesy. Basically they are saying "Oh yay let's go play Woodstock for the weekend and prance around in our cool hippie attire". It would be one thing if they dressed that way all the time but they don't. It's just another bullshit trend for them. Lordes the only one who did her own thing and Vanessa dresses that way all the time. The worst offenders: The Jenners and their squad. It's just tacky as fuck.

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