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10 Reasons People Hate Call of Duty: WW2

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36 thoughts on “10 Reasons People Hate Call of Duty: WW2

  1. Lazy animations, completely computer generated sounds, somewhat shitty graphics for how expensive it is, a lazy ass generic WW2 film campaign, etc. etc.

    The K98 reloads with a stripper clip, even from a partial reload. This is physically impossible unless every round is ejected. The M1903, even though it has a scope, reloads with a stripper clip. There're countless holes in this game. Another thing I noticed watching someone's campaign playthrough, is the way the German enemies in the campaign just kind of brokenly charge into gunfire. After I played Battlefield 1, I haven't looked at COD in the same light at all. It isn't fun anymore and I noticed so many things that shouldn't have been there and I just get kinda triggered when people blindly eat up the game.

  2. I like it once hq is fixed it's gonna be lit I don't mind if new guns are going to be added I really like the contracts it gives you a reason to play and grind the game I like testing my guns in the hq this game to me is a 8/10

  3. I’m a huge fan of zombies well used to be the smith plays love you mrtlexify love ya mortasport yep mailbox love ya bu I’m gonna be playing Mario zombies isn’t fun any more

  4. Cod fans the only community who bitches even if we get what we asked for lol I have not had any server issue ever and I like the flanking pat I love the chaos it makes it fun and guys who hate the spawns and all playwar its awsome

  5. For the people bitching about how "historicly accurate" the game is, let me awsnser that question with another one..Do you really fucking care? or are you just here to bitch? Who cares about the history of it! ITS A FUCKING COD GAME!!! They've pretty much threw that out the window after infinite warfare! At the end of the day your still gonna sit on your ass and play the damn game while bitching about how your tolilet is backed up and screaming if there is a god at the top of your lungs. its 2017 people..NOT the 1950s

  6. My problem is that in multipalayer the spawns down change as often so I'm always getting pushed and flanked and sometimes I'll die spawn and get killed by the same guy sometimes 3-4 times in a row it is very anouying but other than that I love the game

  7. The only reason to hate WW2 is the teammates and possibly the server issues, despite sledgehammer making the game more teamwork based there are still snipers trying to protect an objective on war mode which really pisses me off. I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to fix the servers soon. I remember when the bf1 beta released, the servers were so bad! I could only play one match but after that, it was only errors

  8. What I think you should've mentioned is the fact on PC the game gets neglected. 2XP didn't happen this weekend for us. Also the fact that the game runs off of 3 separate EXE's across multiplayer, zombies and campaign. I'm sorry, but IW did this better…

  9. top 10 reasons why it is trash:
    -Server Issues
    -Server Issues
    -Server Issues
    -Server Issues
    -Server Issues
    -Server Issues
    -Server Issues
    -Server Issues
    -Server Issues
    -Server Issues

    Just to say the game is good, but the connection makes it hard to enjoy.

  10. It's fun and not a bad game but the campaign felt kind of disappointing, they could have made it a 6 year campaign story but no the followed the Americans who joined the war late which made it a short campaign but I didn't expect it to be historically accurate considering call of duty

  11. TBH the reason I didn’t get cod ww2 is completely cuz Of supply drops I hate them and they get out of hand in every cod to the point where u need luck and not skill to play so game supply drops out and go bac to skill and work for wht u want

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