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26 thoughts on “12DaysOfVlogmas|Day 2:Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Seat!!

  1. I was on pins & needles myself last night watching the election coverage on CNN. This proves your votes matter and together we count for a large proportion of voters. Roy Moore now wants to be a super salty saltine he wants a recount but no weapon formed shall prosper Jones in there and I don't live in Alabama but I felt so happy and proud of every single person that went to the polls and made their votes count. 💯💯💯

  2. Beautiful Soul I was so nervous but happy as hell last night when Doug Jones he won. Alabama did the right thing. Oh yes, they want to reinforce slavery, Make America Great Again, the dog whistle for let's reinstate slavery again. That's Right, fuck him and the horse he and his crazy ass wife rode in on. ✌🏾

  3. To ALL blacks who still maintain that black votes don't matter, DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! I remember when President Obama won the media continuously reported that the white vote put him in office, which I believe they helped, but I was convinced that WE put him in office twice!!! I am so PROUD of the black voters in Alabama who came out in 2008 (Obama) numbers and VOTED this man in office. Doug Jones was the prosecutor on the four little black girls who were killed in the Church bombing. I AM SO PROUD OF MY PEOPLE!!! NOW LET'S TAKE THIS MESSAGE TO ALL BLACK VOTERS AROUND THE U.S. AND LET THEM ALL KNOW THAT WE DO MATTER!!! And I also want to thank the Republican voters who voted against the Republican candidate Roy Moore. Also want to point out that masses of white women stayed home last night. So they didn't vote for a pedophile, but they also couldn't vote across party lines. At any rate, I'm glad they stayed home since they could not vote for Roy Jones. BLACK PEOPLE, I AM PROUD!!!

  4. I am over the moon with happiness. the hate for dumbass Donald is real. the hate for steve 'swamp thing' bannon and all his racist supporters who are hell bent on dividing the greatest country on earth is real. hopefully this unity will last until election in 2018 then the shit stain in the white house will truly see how Americans can make America great again.

  5. Girl I woke up in the middle of the night and turned to CNN and tried to shout quietly but I still  woke up my husband. I was so excited the child molester didn't win I didn't know what to do. Black folks showed up and showed OUTTT!!!!! #BLACKVOTESMATTER

  6. I am sooo happy and proud too….remember I am the white lady in this room hahaha. Too many fought and died for the vote for us not to use that power. I always look forward to your videos Beautiful Soul!

  7. Lol, not only is he a child predator, molester, rapist, etc., he’s dumb as hell for that “Muslim comment” that they can’t be put in office because you have to swear on the Bible. (So not true). Are they all dumb? Boy, bye 👋

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