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15 Sci-fi Movies That Will Blow You Away in 2018

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Logan, Blade Runner 2049, Thor: Ragnorak… we feasted on some incredible sci-fi movies on the big screen in 2017. But 2018 looks set to raise the bar with some highly anticipated genre movies – in fact, 2018 is looking like it might be a golden year for science-fiction fans.

Welcome to Final Frontier; here are some of the sci-fi movies that are going to blow everyone away in 2018…

Please Note: Movie release dates are subject to change.

New Mutants | 0:28
Venom | 1:17
Rampage | 1:57
Pacific Rim: Uprising | 2:33
Ant-Man and the Wasp | 3:23
X-Men: Dark Phoenix | 3:58
The Predator | 4:40
Untitled Deadpool Sequel | 5:12
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom | 5:52
Aquaman | 6:32
A Wrinkle in Time | 7:16
Black Panther | 7:55
Ready Player One | 8:47
Solo: A Star Wars Story | 9:30
Avengers: Infinity War | 10:30


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