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42 thoughts on “5 Celebrities Who EERILY ESTIMATED Their Own EARLY DEMISES!

  1. That song from Jimi is a fraud. An actual song he wrote predicting his demise is sipping wine. He speaks of being on a plane drinking wine and and drowning in said wine and the plane crashing simultaneously

  2. Just not too long ago Shug Knight was asked who killed Tupac and he said his wife put a hit on him and Pac got hit instead of Shug. Find it a little hard to believe but fuck who wouldn't put a hit on Shug haha

  3. 2pac didn't really predict anything, he was just rapping about his most likely cause of death, since he was gangbangin' and dealing with some shady people.

  4. Life hack for you if the video is more than 10 minutes long 90% of the time it's the annoying narrator that explains the whole clip before showing it, this guy generally keeps it short and sweet but of course there's the 10%chance that it's is this guy with an awesome 15 min video.

  5. Those 2Pac predictions are nothing but shit that someone utilised for the outcome.

    If he keeps rapping about getting shot and living a life with the trouble he had, someone's eventually gonna shoot him!

    If he rapped about getting trampled by a moose and it happened, that would've been more interesting than just giving someone a musical script to pop you in the head!

  6. It isn't much of a stretch that Tupac predicted getting shot — he ran with a crowd that was shooting at one another frequently, and he'd been shot and seriously wounded before. As to rock stars like Jimi predicting their own deaths — 1) musicians already have a rather dismal survival rate; 2) we tend to have what we call a self-fulfilling prophecy on such matters.

  7. Jimmy actually played right side up, the guitar was just a right handed guitar he had to string backwards, since he was left handed. although he could play it any way he wanted to I'm sure. you can see this in the videos of him playing.

  8. Not hard to predict your own early death when you live the kind of lifestyles that these people led. Drugs and violence will get you every time. (Diana being the exception to this)

  9. Kurt Cobain didn't commit suicide he was murdered. It's a fact but the police was too lazy to find the real reason for his death when he died, so they said he commited suicide. After a few months they found out that his wife had actually shoot him.

  10. Are you shitting me, if you already thought you were gonna be killed, and you actually thought you'd prophesied your own death then you'd probably keep making music related to it, and when he did get killed, because he was obviously going to, its "woah spooky"
    What a lot of bull.

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