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5 Most Awkward Embarrassing Celebrity Fails EVER!

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5 Most Awkward Embarrassing Celebrity Fails EVER!


With the spotlight constantly on our celebrities it’s only a matter of time before they’re caught doing something embarrassing before being publicly shamed. That’s just the nature of the beast. We weigh in on the topic with 5 most awkward embarrassing celebrity fails ever. Let’s begin.

5. Ms. Teen South Carolina

South Carolina really should be ashamed about their pick for the Miss Teen USA beauty pageant. Thankfully they sent her. If they didn’t we would have missed out on 2007’s most incredible, off-script comedic performances. Forgetting the fact that she wasn’t looking for laughs, she pulled it off perfectly. The deer-in-the-headlights look was absolutely priceless, with the constant stumbling through her reply adding depth to the performance. Starting with a question about how to improve the US education system, mentioning that 20% students weren’t able to identify the US on a map. She patriotically restated that ‘the Iraq’ would benefit from such a system, backing it up with eloquence, stating, ‘like such’, ‘like such as’, and ‘everywhere like such as’ throughout. Thanks, Caitlin. We needed that.

4. Beyonce at the Superbowl

We all know that stills taken from video lead to some pretty embarrassing pics. Much like Ms. Teen South Carolina, Beyonce gave us something to laugh about without a comedic thought in her head. After hilarious photos of her Super Bowl halftime performance were distributed online, Beyonce was furious. She attempted to find out who was responsible and have them remove all incriminating images from the internet. Too bad the internet doesn’t work that like, Beyonce. After her public outcry then went viral itself, the spreading of her somewhat constipated onstage grimaces only increased. She really shouldn’t have messed with trolls and there’s no excuse for thinking there was any way to remove pictures from the internet.

3. Ronaldo Crashes Ferrari

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, was his usual, cocky self after wrecking a Ferrari. He was on his way to practice in Manchester when he collided with a barrier, which left the entire front end a crumpled mess. He is known to own a fleet of sports cars and, miraculously uninjured, brushed off the incident like it was absolutely nothing. The star wasn’t charged with anything at all, even though the crash was obviously due to his not paying attention while driving well above the speed limit. His attitude should come as no surprise, with Cristiano being known as the prettyboy of world soccer. Unfortunately, he does have a knack for scoring goals and has dated some serious babes so he does get some brownie points there.

2. Bill O’Reilly

Where do we start? There are his numerous childish temper tantrums, getting put in his place by high school student on his own show, all the way up to becoming the center of a Fox News sexual assault scandal. Right off the bat, Bill liked to complain. One early video showing him unable to read the teleprompter before chastising the entire team and screaming about just doing it live. After his performance, his boyish charm reemerges and he gives a triumphant fist pump before growling again. Apart from being unable to admit to his numerous shortcomings and fails, he also seems to think himself a bit of a creepy uncle-esque casanova, making repeated, unwanted attempts on women he worked with. He was finally caught and has been publicly disgraced and fired for his own boorish actions. One hell of a fail there, Bill.

1. Rick Santorum and Dan Savage

Dan Savage has admitted that he probably acted out and his webpage was potentially misguided. That being said, he stands by his actions and might have singlehandedly ruined Rick Santorum’s run at President, while embarrassing the pants off him. During the lead-up to and all throughout Santorum’s campaign if anyone googled his name, the top link displayed a complete (and completely fictional) definition of the word ‘Santorum’. In fact, if you search those eight letters now, five of the top seven results refer to the definition in question. While we can’t disclose the graphic definition on YouTube, we also can’t stop you from looking them up yourself. When you look at what Santorum has said about the gay community and Dan in particular, it comes as no shock that Dan acted out in the way he did. He was both provoked and aptly inspired. Frankly, it’s hilarious.

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