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6 JUICIEST Miley Cyrus Howard Stern Interview Highlights

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Miley Cyrus spilled all her tea on the Howard Stern radio show! From weed to Liam to that infamous VMAs performance- she talked about it all

Just when you thought you knew everything about Miley she goes on The Howard Stern Show and teaches you you know nothing!

Howard Stern is like Oprah, but like a little sleezier. He can get you to spill the juice on your most private thoughts. And he dun did it to Miley. In fact, here are 6 juicy things we learned from their interview.

How about her real name… wasn’t even Miley! Before she had her name legally changed to what we know her as now, her name was Destiny Hope, because her dad believed it was her destiny to bring hope to the world. That’s really sweet. However, she was always smiling, so Billy Ray used to say, “She’s smiling, she’s ‘miling, she’s Miley.” The nickname stuck. And it’s a good thing too since in hindsight she thinks “Destiny Hope” QUOTE “sounds kinda strippy.”

Shocking fact number 2: Miley has stopped smoking weed. Not since like lunch. More like going on 8 months now. Same with cigarettes. She says QUOTE “This record means so much to me and I want to be able to tell people what I feel about the record in a non-stoned way.” More power to ya girl!

Odd fact number three: She has two pet pigs called ‘Pig-pig’ and ‘Puddles.’ QUOTE “Literally the only reason I’m not touring is because of those fucking pigs […] That’s how much I love those pigs.” Her pigs are vegan just like her, and she occasionally paints their toenails. Uhhh.. I want to be Miley’s best friend so bad!

Random juicy fact numero cuatro that we learned from her radio interview is that she spies on Liam when he’s shooting a movie with a hot costar. That girl ain’t dumb. One one hand she says it’s important that they each live their own life and that they honor the space in between them so that they can thrive independently as well as together. She QUOTE “[doesn’t] like when relationships are two halves trying to make a whole” because that leads to “co-dependency.” She also admitted QUOTE “I’ve put this dude through so much shit” and admits she feels “that little butterfly in my stomach” when he’s off filming with hot actresses, but ultimately A) she trusts him. And B) She keeps QUOTE “little spies” on him. QUOTE “I pay people off.” Again, she ain’t dumb.

Juicy tidbit number 5, The songstress recorded her first studio album, Meet Miley Cyrus, in a house in Malibu. Years later, she and Liam broke up and homeboy suddenly needed a new pad to crash in. Without knowing the history of the house, he ended up buying that same Malibu house that had been christened by Smiley Miley because the owner had moved all of the plaques and mementos of the recording to the garage so he wouldn’t see them. But he moved in, saw all her crap, and according to her QUOTE “He went to move in and was like,’ F–k. I can’t get away. This b–ch is all over my house!” Ironically, that house is where they both live now. And because of all the special memories loaded in their home she wrote and recorded her single, “Malibu” about that house.

Last but not least, Miley opened up about her infamous VMAs twerkathon with Robin Thicke. QUOTE “I didn’t like [the performance] because I thought I had done something that was gonna make everyone talk about me. That’s not why I liked it,” she explained. QUOTE “The reason why that’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life is that’s when I realized my power.” Once she learned the scope of her influence and the power of her fame, she decided to utilize it for good the following year. QUOTE “I brought a young homeless teen because I realized my f–king power there.” Pigs, spies, and weed- oh my! That’s a hell of an interview. Bravo, Stern, bravo. What do you guys think about the powerful-ass woman Miley has grown up to become? And how long do you think she’ll go without smoking weed? Comment below. Or like follow me on my Twitter and Insta you guys so we can keep our friendship going. @Miriamisa @Miriam_Isa. Plus don’t miss out on Miley photo bombing fans with Jimmy Fallon by clicking right here. I’m Miriam Isa and you guys have an amazing day!

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30 thoughts on “6 JUICIEST Miley Cyrus Howard Stern Interview Highlights

  1. I knew she was Destiny Hope Cyrus before she was Miley Ray Cyrus.

    I knew Miley stopped weed for ages prior to the interview.

    I knew her pig names and how much she loved the two!

    Number 4 was a surprise, but come on- no one knew that. But I had suspicions.

    Number 5 and 6 were surprises. But come on, your gonna have to do better than that! 😝😜

  2. Clever….you're RETARDED IDIOTS.
    Miley said this dayssssss ago on the voice…LMFAO and plus this was on her BIO since her Hannah days…..So if you really wanna do this job know how to it….

  3. Gosh I kinda wish Liam actually made news, because their relationship sounds like it has definitely changed The whole breakout Miley that we grew up with and you can definitely say she's a mature Ms. Destiny Ray

  4. um we already been knew about her birth name since her hannah days we already knew she was sober since she promoted malibu we already knew she had a pet pig BUT i DID NOT KNOW she spies on liam whenever he's working with a hot co-star lol sneaky miley

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