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6 Times Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Spoke Her Mind

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In this day and age, the art of voicing an opinion seems to be much more achievable all thanks to, in large part, social media. But regardless of who you are, the amount of courage it takes to speak up without fear of judgment definitely deserves to be acknowledged, which is why today, we’re talking about 6 times Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui powerfully spoke her mind, right here on Listed.

1. SXSW Panel
2. Women’s March
3. Lauren’s Friendship with Camila
4. Lauren’s Open Letter to Donald Trump
5. Lauren’s use of Instagram
6. Community Involvement

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40 thoughts on “6 Times Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Spoke Her Mind

  1. Her recent post is about the repeal of Obama Care. which is dumb. you have to pay for health care. you have to pay to live. Bernie shoulda been president sorry not sorry

  2. Lauren is literally one of THE best role models of today. She's a huge inspiration to many, myself included. I can honestly say that I've never been prouder to stan someone so hard. The fact that she so openly speaks her mind all the time when people constantly put you down for doing so is so so brave and I couldn't commend Lauren enough for it. Goddamn she's incredible and goddamn I'm so proud of her 😊

  3. I love Lauren, I always have, but I feel that she doesn't respect other people's opinions as well as she should. For an example, I voted Trump (don't hate plz, just using it as an example) and the way she said "It can't be stopped if people vote for it for whatever reason" made it seem as if she thought that people who voted for him were wrong because she doesn't agree on their views. I just think she should have more respect for others opinions on things that she finds wrong.

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