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7 BEST Moments From 2017 Oscars

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Shocking wins, remarkable performances… and even slight mix-ups… it’s safe to say this year’s Oscars were definitely one for the books…

It’s all fun and games until someone says the wrong name… we learned that the hard way from Ross Geller, then Steve Harvey, and tonight from the Oscar envelope packing guy, but thankfully that wasn’t the ONLY buzzworthy Oscar moment. The host of the 89th Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel, delivered his share of witty and comical one-liners, which brings us to the first noteworthy moment on our list.

During his opening monologue, Jimmy revisited an old feud he’s been caught in the middle of for quite some time now… you know, the ongoing feud-you-don’t-really-know-why-its-a-feud-but-apparently-its-a-joke-feud between he and Matt Damon… Oh yeah, he went there.

But aside from the disses, he did commend Matt for selflessly handing an Oscar-worthy lead role over to his good pal Casey Affleck. Baby steps, people! Another dig made during Jimmy’s opening monologue was directed right at acting legend Meryl Streep, when Jimmy took note of her many uninspiring, overrated films… yeah, ouch.

But seeing that we all know “Meryl Streep” and “overrated” could never possibly be in the same sentence, she ended up receiving a standing ovation from the audience, rightfully so. Nice try, Jim. But one mishap that just wasn’t able to be dodged in time was during Moana actress Auli’i Cravalho delivered a flawless performance of Oscar-nominated song “How Far I’ll Go”, when she was hit in the head by one of the ribbon twirlers… but for being just 16 years old, she powered through the performance, proving that she’s already a pro.

Sure can’t wait for those memes to start rolling in! Another memorable moment happened for a few lucky Hollywood tourists who simply thought they would be touring a few of LA’s finest exhibits when they stumbled right into the front row of the Dolby Theater… and boy were they in for a treat… no really though, Ryan Gosling actually handed one of them his own stash of candy. But I’ve gotta say, better than candy from Ryan Gosling miiiight have to be sunglasses from Jennifer Aniston…

But what’s better than candy or sunglasses would definitely have to be a live wedding ordained by Denzel Washington… well sort of. A lucky, soon-to-be married couple – with the help of Jimmy Kimmel – got Denzel to take a selfie and pronounce them husband and wife in front of everybody – and I mean everybody.
Not only was Denzel the best man at their impromptu wedding in front of all these celebs, he also married the couple! I mean, it probably won’t hold up in court, but who else can say Denzel pronounced them and their significant other husband and wife at the Oscars? That’s right, no one.
In a move where Jimmy was clearly trying to outdo Ellen when she ordered pizza back in 2014, the host of the night made it rain candy from the ceiling, just to make the night that much more enjoyable for everyone.
As amazing as candy raining from the sky is, nothing beats all of Jimmy and Matt’s petty moments throughout the show. Like this one where Matt almost – key word: almost – tripped Jimmy as he was walking down the aisle doing a walk and talk.
Maybe next time, Matt. Maybe next time. There were SO many great moments from the night, but perhaps one of the best and most stunning moments of the night was when it was announced that ‘Moonlight’ was the real winner of the Best Picture award instead of ‘La La Land.’
Just to give you the rundown of what happened, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway basically announced the winner of Best Picture with the wrong envelope in hand. Once they called ‘La La Land’ as the winner and the cast got up on stage to say their thank you’s, a staff member rushed on stage to explain that there was a mix-up and that’s when producer Jordan Horowitz revealed that there had been a mistake and that ‘Moonlight’ was the rightful winner of the award.
So there you have it. What was your favorite moment of the night? Share it in the comment section below! When you’re done with that, click right over here to check out the best dressed celebs at the Oscars and don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News. Thanks for hanging out with me, I’m your host Sinead de Vries and I’ll see ya next time.

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  1. Why don't the liberal actors and actresses offer this elite experience to some Syrian refugees and invite some illegals to the after parties. No, instead they'd like to just talk a bunch of fakeness and have Enrique and Juan serve drinks all night for minimum wage.

  2. Does this lady who's doing this video know that Jimmy wasn't dissing Meryl Streep or trying to be funny either by saying "uninspiring and overrated Meryl Streep"? The morning after the Golden Globes, Trump tweeted that insult to Streep as his "punch back" that he always does, after Streep the night before was telling the audience and to the journalists and reporters watching that they must hold Trump accountable for all his BS and fake news crap that he always does, before Democracy dies basically. And Trump, who ALWAYS goes on the attack when someone says something he doesn't like, tweeted the next morning that thing that Jimmy Kimmel said about Meryl. He was jabbing at Trump using his words against Streep – for those who are wondering.

  3. NOTHING MORE THAN A bunch of overrated, stuck up hypocrites, where was the table for the illegals and refugees JIMMY??? And all you hypocrites are total frauds, big walls around your mansions..PREACHING TO THE PRESIDENT and doing sweet STUFF ALL YOURSELVES! OVER HOLLYWEIRDOS!

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