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8 Most SHOCKING Celeb Moments of 2017

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2017 was one hell of a year, and literally no one came out unscathed–including some of our favorite celebs. Today we’re breaking down 8 of the most shocking celeb moments of 2017, right here on Listed.

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40 thoughts on “8 Most SHOCKING Celeb Moments of 2017

  1. It still doesn’t make sense LaLa Land and Moon Light have nothing in common but an L and an N
    WHOEVER WAS reading was obviously drunk or just really didn’t want moon light to win

  2. okayyy….now i have to speak…..SELENA FIRST????i love selena and what happened to her was sooooo sad….but common 22 people died in manchester…there was a terrorist attack people died people got injured people got traumatized and you still think that what happened to selena was the most socking thing…and it's not just that one terrorist attack the vegas attack what the hell you just said the deadliest shooting….i guess people trying to spread love peace and kindness don't matter that much as selena gomez for you……jesus just because she is everywhere or whatever doesn't mean that we have to put her everywhere first…..that was disappointing…..

  3. can anyone explain to me why the money earned from "one love manchester" was given to the families affected by the terrorist attack? i get how the affected families must have been devastated, but how is money the solution for them? if anything, the money could have gone to higher security measures, or people in actual need of money…

  4. Definitely, the most shocking things I’ve seen in the past year we’re both the Las Vegas shooting and the Manchester bombing because it caused an international wave of shock.

  5. Wait! Selena’s kidney transplant is more shocking than the Manchester attack and the Vegas shooting! It’s unbelievable they were both at concerts where people go to show support to their idol or someone who they like.

  6. So Kylie’s pregnancy rumours, that aren’t even proven remotely true yet, make your list, but the shocking revelations in Demi’s Simply Complicated documentary didn’t?
    Well it’s Clevver, I don’t know why I’m still surprised…
    Also putting Selena Gomez getting a transplant, which is something millions of people do every day above the terrorist attack bombing at Ariana’s concert that left dozens dead is so… unsettling of you.

  7. I was at one love Manchester and it was the highlight of my 2017. Being from Manchester and my friends being in the arena at the time off the attack, it really damaged my mental health and I was very fearful. The atmosphere after it happened in my School and in Manchester was awful. One love Manchester lifted me and I wasn’t scared anymore. Nobody was. It was amazing to see my community joining together and showing no fear. For that night, I can’t thank Ariana enough

  8. Okay don't want to be mean but how come number 1 shocking moment is Selena and her Lupus but not terorist atack at Ariana's concert, 22 fans dyed and almost 300 wore injured? sorry for my English.

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