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8 Roles Stars Shockingly Turned Down

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For the majority of their career, actors spend a lot of time auditioning and accepting just about every role that they come across, hoping to land that one role that changes it all. It’s a long hard road to the top, and usually when you get there, you finally have enough star power to start saying no to movie roles.
Sometimes for personal reasons, sometimes professional.

Whatever the reason may be, we are going to count down 8 movie roles that MOVIE STARS shockingly turned down right here on Listed!

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23 thoughts on “8 Roles Stars Shockingly Turned Down

  1. Emily blunt didn’t play black widow because she had a contract with another studio so she was basically forced to do gullivers travel. Do your research people 😂😂 also avatar not only made over 1 billion dollars but it made over 2 billion.

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