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8 Times Celebs Got To Sing With Their Idols

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It’s one thing to share the same air as your favorite musician while seeing them in concert, but it’s another thing to watch them share the stage with THEIR favorite musician, so right now, we’re taking a look at 8 times celebs got to sing with their idols, right here on Listed.

1. Beyoncé & Tina Turner
2. Demi Lovato & Kelly Clarkson
3. Shawn Mendes & John Mayer
4. Beyoncé & Prince
5. Ariana Grande & Christina Aguilera
6. Taylor Swift & Rolling Stones
7. Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett
8. Usher & Michael Jackson

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40 thoughts on “8 Times Celebs Got To Sing With Their Idols

  1. Uhhh……aren't you forgetting someone???? Like a very important someone???? A very important someone by the name of Harry Edward Styles who got to perform with his idol Stevie Nicks and said about that night (and I quote) "I'm losing my sh*t up here!!!!!!"!!!!!!! Ah-hem!!!!!!! CLEVVER!!!!!!! YOU FORGOT HIM?!?! HOW DO YOU FORGET HARRY FREAKING STYLES?????

  2. Nsync and Micheal Jackson! They performed with him at the 2001 MTV awards and they performed with the Jackson 5 at Michaels tribute show the same year!

  3. My favorite performance has to be when Usher got to perform with Michael Jackson at Michael's 30th anniversary celebration in New York. Also, to mention, some other favorites include when Michael got to be on the same stage as James Brown at the BET Awards a few years back, and also when Michael had a bunch of artists join him for a United We Stand concert to perform "What More Can I Give."

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