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9 Celebs Who Can’t Stand Ariana Grande

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Singer and actress Ariana Grande rose to fame as innocent and lovable Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon shows Victorious and Sam & Cat. But these days, the pint-sized starlet seems to spend most of her time making enemies — and not just because of that donut-licking scandal. Here’s a look at just some of the many celebs who can’t stand Ariana Grande…

Victoria Justice | 0:21
Jennette McCurdy | 1:25
Big Sean | 2:37
Giuliana Rancic | 3:03
Bette Midler | 3:29
Alex DeLeon | 4:24
Chrissy Teigen | 4:47
Mayim Bialik | 5:12
Mariah Carey | 5:35

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41 thoughts on “9 Celebs Who Can’t Stand Ariana Grande

  1. She's way worse than Mariah personalitywise. Also she literally thinks she's the most hard working 23 year old human on earth, really Ariana? talk about deluded, She really said that!

  2. They're all a pack of rich, entitled, overprivileged, undertalented millionaires who won the genetic lottery, re-enacting the cool-kids drama from high school because they were never forced to grow up and learn how to act like a decent human being.

  3. Never. I mean never did Mariah dissed Ariana in her whole career. She is simply just telling the truth. She is just tired of all the comparisons that she had to put thru since she came out of the scene. There are hundreds of Mariah Carey wannabes that tried to emulate her style of singing or her music but everybody fell short. It irks her that everybody is calling someone NEW MARIAH when in fact she is still living. Well I cant blame her since its easier to take a career route that someone paved the way for you than create to your own.

  4. She actually did invite victoria justice to her birthday but victoria was busy(she wasn't in LA,think she was working on a movie).The whole cast was actually together just months before,(there are pictures)so stop spreading lies.Even her and bette were tweeting last year.And to that girl from Big bang theory:It's not het fault that your dumb religion oppresses women and doesn't let them dress how they want .Should she dress like a fucking nun?She a hot,young and gorgeous girl and she has the right to show it so shut the fuck up.She actually wrote an article because of a fucking billboard with ariana's album cover on it,how pathetic can you be.If it was a man shirtless would she have said the same thing?Ofc not

  5. Grande fans have no idea how she really is she is destroying music! There are countless videos of grande being a total diva on youtube I cannot stand her! She is such a stuck up bitch. I hope she becomes an alcohol and drug addict and fucking dies!

    edit: I am surprised by how much hurt fan girls replied to this comment who could not take a joke. I actually used to love her and i don't really mean for ANYONE to die, see if it was anyone else i doubt anyone reading this would've cared i honestly cant believe this XD

    edit 2: judging by the amount of likes IM NOT THE ONLY ONE xD

  6. I disagree with some. the girl who plays Amy in the Big Bang Theory has later said that it was just a joke and told people to chill out and have a sense of humor. then Mariah Carey is saying "i don't know her" everytime because she's too scared to be replaced. well, if all you can do nowadays is lipsyncing, then retire.

  7. I am a big Mariah Carey fan, but the way she wears tiny skanky clothes that doesn't accentuate her figure and sexualized herself these days made me sad, she was such a classy diva back in the early to mid 90's, I miss those days, when I watch her concert videos with goosebumps all over my body, people worship her purely on her talent, not skin, tits and ass…although honestly I prefer looking at curvy meat than skinny bones in lingerie, in this nudity aspect they both almost as tasteless IMO. Just a slit higher than Miley "Exhibitionist" Cyrus. 😢

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