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A Conversation with Michael Eric Dyson | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Georgetown professor and author Michael Eric Dyson joins Bill to discuss the N-word and the depth of racism in America.

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22 thoughts on “A Conversation with Michael Eric Dyson | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  1. there was a double standard in terms of responce here. This was Outrageous, however, I don't think he's racist or had malicious intent. It was a comedian thing, in my opinion, in the way that Bill mahar uses his jokes to shed light on injustice, hate and ignorance. I don't think ice cube gave him a pass here. This is white privilege here, though …Arsenio Hall. Dr. Dyson didn't go in hard enough. He missed a teachable moment here and made it more about Bill Mahar… and I'm dissapoited about that.

  2. Bottom Line-Bill just went too far with this one. Dyson was right. Conversations like this are healthy. Let's confront the issues without unnecessary sensitivity. The history of the word and its hatred is there. No denying it.

  3. Only weak black lefties care about this bull*&^!# Black people listen to this word everyday as entertainment. I can assure you that black people didn't do that in 1950. I didn't lose any sleep over this and was able to get out of bed the next day. Grow the f*%!@ up.

    And guilty white lefties giving computers to negros computers won't stop that same negro from having children out of wedlock or stop him from or her from stealing someone else's.

  4. Oh fucking WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Just keep sucking up to your liberal base, Billy. No one can blame you. But seriously, this whole situation around the word is screwed up. If blacks hate the word so much, stop using it.

  5. Ottoman Turks and Barbary Pirates took over 1 million white slaves. In fact, one of the wars fought by the early U.S. was against Muslims taking white slaves. Some of these slaves never saw the U.S. again and were found in the harems of Muslims in their territories. Suck it up and make something of yourselves. America is not stopping you.

  6. omg pull out the handkerchief for those who have been called ugly names in their lives, let us hear about it and cry everyday. I wish had a nickle for name I have I have been called since I was a small lol. I get not using the "n" word, I don't use it, I don't think it is appropriate for anyone of any color to use, but if you ask me as a woman, it is no different from being called a cunt, a bitch, a slut, skank etc and being online, I have been these called these words and much more. I have had guys say to me your pretty, to bad I don't date brunettes, or I don't like green eyes eyes etc, these things are discriminatory too I but I did not die from them, I did not need a shoulder to cry on for life lol. The left calls me names with every opportunity they get. I get tired differentiate words that equally derogatory for the same reasons, to make you less than, but it is ok as long as the left does it. What most people should do is stop using the bad things in their lives as a crutch and feel sorry for me is really getting old now. I feel sorry for homeless people with children, I feel sorry for the truly sick who are dying, out side of that, my sympathy is used sparsely. If you are so weak minded that words keep you from functioning in life then I suggest you stop listening to them, to stop reading words, not everyone is going to say or do things that please you everyday for all of your life. I have never rolled out of bed in the morning thinking about what I can do to hurt a person of color today, in fact I just don't put that much thought into hurting anyone for any reason unless they force me to and that point you could be purple for all I care because the only color I see is red lol.

  7. Bill absolutely is a racist. Why was that the first thing to come to mind for him? Stuff like that doesn't even come to mind for most normal (non racist) people.

  8. First of all Michael Eric Dyson , like Ta-Nahesi Coates, like others is not the best moral authority to consult on this issue, his racism is well known.

  9. We cannot have an honest, empathetic understanding of each other's struggles without being able to joke with each other. In the proper context. Part of that healing is saying kike, faggot, cracker, spic, jap, nigger, cunt, gook, dyke, redskin, etc. … I cannot stand the majority of what Trump represents, but the anti-political correctness wave is real and necessary: honestly, fuck your feelings. We're all in this together. Words are not love or hate, they are a bridge. Only the receiver can inflame them.

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