A Group Of Democrats Just Officially Moved To Impeach Donald Trump As President | TIME - Celebrity News
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A Group Of Democrats Just Officially Moved To Impeach Donald Trump As President | TIME

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A half-dozen Democrats on Wednesday introduced articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, accusing him of obstruction of justice and other offenses, in a long-shot effort that stands little chance in the Republican-led House.
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A Group Of Democrats Just Officially Moved To Impeach Donald Trump As President | TIME


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20 thoughts on “A Group Of Democrats Just Officially Moved To Impeach Donald Trump As President | TIME

  1. They can't attempt impeachment over the FBI director being fired, because Jim Comey himself stated that Trump was not under investigation. The Department of Justice actually recommended to Donald Trump that Comey be fired. It's not something he did on a whimsy.
    I think it's hilarious they're trying to impeach him for ripping on CNN- a network that is regularly discredited by people from both parties. It's the liberal Fox News, what do you expect? But he never tried to prevent them from reporting, either.
    As for profiting off of the presidency- I wouldn't doubt it, to be honest. I've only just started looking into it, but I haven't found any unbiased, viable sources yet.
    But remember, if you impeach Trump, you just get Pence.

  2. Do they really think this is going to work? Those that do not think for themselves will actually buy this. That's the sad part, and I'm sure Trump has been expecting this, I feel like punching this guy in the face every time he says something stupid, or the whole time this video is playing, now please keep in mind that this is not a threat, I feel think and then act because I am a female, and I do have a brain in my head unlike the people that actually believe this garbage

  3. So the only thing that's going to happen is a guaranteed second term for Trump when this fails. What are they expecting to happen? Trump has done nothing wrong, so he can't be impeached.

  4. Weird the president making money from his business IS legal because where they reference he can't make more than the presidential salary. However in the Constitution where it outlines presidential powers and such, it says this:

    The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his Services, a Compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the Period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them.

    Basically he can make as much money as you want, as long as it doesn't come from federal or state governments.

  5. So first off, trying to pin him for firing someone who took money behind his potentially hurting his chances to become president of the US was in the wrong how? And saying he has been taking money from his OWN company while taking a presidential salary is complete BS…he hasn’t taken a presidential salary!! Why would he take a paycut from a multi billion dollar company to make 500k? And really seriously saying that CNN, MSNBC, left wing news sources are more important than the constitution or the president for that matter…and also it’s been proven that he has never took any money from foreign relations, but you know who has Hillary Rodam Clinton!! This is nothing more than I giant fishing expedition and a waste of American tax dollars and a huge waste of time, just cuz you Democrats don’t like who the president is doesn’t mean you can impeach the man! “Boohoo! Hillary didn’t become president! I want my money back!” Well suck it up buttercup, it’s gonna be a long four years and maybe then some…and liberal people please tell me what the hell has he done that is so bad that he needs to be put out of office, like seriously give me a good example…I’ll wait…

  6. He is an idiot this guy is trying to impeach and doesn't believe in freedom of speech which is under our constitution no it's you liberals and Democrats who are ruining our constitution Trump is trying to protect it

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