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A History of Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s Complicated Relationship

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A look back at Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s relationship beginning with Kendrick’s feature on “Buried Alive” from Take Care and their work on “Fuckin Problems,” through the shots on “Control” and where things went sour after that. All of this leads up to Kendrick Lamar’s fourth album ‘Damn.’

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40 thoughts on “A History of Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s Complicated Relationship

  1. how is drake in the same breath as kendrick? drake is trash lmao only appeals to the mainstream audience. no talent. hes not a rapper. drake is beyond trash. none of these niggas are talking real shit. this dude basically makes songs about bitches that mistreated him.. we dont need him in hip hop.. theae new wave "rappers" are murdering this real hip hop and rap culture… kendrick speaks realism just like pac. kdot is pound for pound the savior of rap..

  2. drake really compared himself to jordan like he was the jordan of rap? wtf drake never even came close to being a rapper. He has those album sales cuz of all those high school girls and justin bieber fans

  3. Yo drake and kendrick Lamar beefing is not no history it's stupid I I rather see to good rappers make songs or a album together now dat would be history dats real like understand if they wanted to just battle against each other like Wayne and drake did wen they did dat tour now dat was honestly two people dats on the same Reckitt label that want to battle each each other over who's the best without it being a series beef wat group dose dat no body just one now dats history facts

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