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Ajit Pai Gets Defensive, Blames Celebrities for Net Neutrality Backlash

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Even though FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has made it clear that he’s not backing down from his attack on net neutrality, he does acknowledge the substantial amount of backlash he has received, and a lot of that backlash has come from celebrities that took notice of his harmful, anti-consumer agenda. He recently took some time to respond to his famous critics with—as you could have guessed—more lies and nonsense.


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24 thoughts on “Ajit Pai Gets Defensive, Blames Celebrities for Net Neutrality Backlash

  1. Yeah great guys. Complain away. Such articulate complaints haha. You're such good writers. If only the right wing ACTORS knew what good COMPLAINERS you were, surely they wouldn't take away your ability to communicate. Ah well. Say goodbye to the internet, cowards.

  2. If I wake up one day with a notification on my phone saying this guy was literally crucified, cross nails and all, I won't be surprised. So many psychopaths consider the internet their home, this guy is barking up the wrong tree.

  3. heres the funny thing whats gonna happen is the isps are gonna try to force google to pay them more googles gonna use its virtually unlimited resources to start the google isp and then crush them like the bugs they are well simultaneously becoming the most powerful company in the world

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