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Bachelor In Paradise’s DeMario Jackson Breaks Silence On Corinne Scandal

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In his first-ever interview following the Bachelor in Paradise scandal, DeMario Jackson is recalling all the events about his night in Paradise with Corinne that changed everything.
It may have been the ‘wildest night of his entire life’ in DeMario’s words, but it’s also surely one he’ll never forget…

It’s been a whirlwind of events for Bachelor Nation following the Bachelor in Paradise alleged sex scandal between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, and now the notorious reality star is coming clean about what really went down during he and Corinne’s rendezvous in Paradise.

DeMario sat down for an exclusive interview with E! News, where he detailed every event leading up to the scandal, saying that when the pair first met, they were in good company and laughing about being the ‘villains’ on their seasons. He said QUOTE, “We were laughing, like, ‘Oh, we’re about to dominate Paradise!’ Like homie stuff, like really, really like friends. And then, you know, we started having a little bit more fun…and had a few drinks.”

He then went on to explain that from there, things got QUOTE “hot and heavy” and that Corinne suggested they take things to the pool, to which he explains she was the aggressor and eventually straddled him as he was sitting on the pool deck…

DeMario also admitted that he knew the cameras were following them and was ok with it, saying QUOTE, “It’s crazy because when you’re a man, mostly an African American man, no matter where you’re at, you always look for things that can help you out. At that moment, I made sure that the cameras followed us. It just seemed too perfect in a sense for me.” But from there, he continued to recall the encounter, saying at that point she did not seem drunk or like she was slurring her words in the slightest…
He then admitted to seeing Corinne also kissing Derek that same night, and that although there were reports that she had kissed two others, he didn’t witness those. However, the next morning, DeMario recalled everyone waking up hungover and that Corinne acted completely normal.

Demario was then pulled aside by Chris Harrison and told that if he doesn’t leave Paradise now, things would get bad. He then stated that he felt blindsided, but it was the phone call from a producer that led Demario to believe that he needed to get a lawyer. But according to Demario, the hardest part of the entire situation, as he recalled while tearing up, was seeing his mom, his aunts and his grandma all crying in disbelief every day since the events occurred. Thankfully, Demario’s team is working hard to prove the allegations of sexual misconduct wrong, but as for now, it has been reported that he WILL return to Paradise, and according to TMZ, a new 2-drink maximum per hour drinking rule will be enforced.

So let’s just hope there is no more trouble in paradise in future seasons to come, but I’d be lying if I said that I still wasn’t excited to see what’s in store this season… as for now I want to know all your thoughts about Demario’s interview, so get to talking down here in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe for all the latest updates. Thanks so much for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Meghan Lamontagne and I’ll see you next time.

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43 thoughts on “Bachelor In Paradise’s DeMario Jackson Breaks Silence On Corinne Scandal

  1. She's insane , she told everyone that she have a platinum vagina on nicks season … she's embarrassed because she cheated on her bf and was probably the talk of the crew for being so crazy . Not cool to drag someone else through the mud for your shitty mistake

  2. what the fuck? "what really happened" are you kidding me? if a woman say she was raped, SHE WAS, what's wrong
    with you people, it doesn't matter if she was drunk, it is always the woman who is blame for

  3. Surprise, surprise.
    A white woman accuses a black man of sexual assault and everyone automatically believes her and flips the mans life upside down.

  4. Not all drunks slur words..I like Corinne and I'm not trying to defend her I think they both where in the wrong (and that there are two sides to each story) So no one is innocent here.

  5. Black m3n should already know whenever there's a white girl involved they know that having a fair chAnce won't happen and white girls like the one in the vid are black mens Kryptonite and not the antidote to make them better.

  6. Okkkkk but he's also a compulsive liar? Does anyone remember what happened on Rachel's season? He completely acted like he didn't know his ex, and changed his story so many times. No one should trust this guy

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