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Barack Obama HUMILIATES Anthony Scaramucci During a CNBC Town Hall in 2010

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President Obama destroys Trump’s new Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, during a CNBC town hall in 2010. Cope with cognitive dissonance!
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46 thoughts on “Barack Obama HUMILIATES Anthony Scaramucci During a CNBC Town Hall in 2010

  1. The mooch is a overinflated piece of toxic waste and if he's pulling in 100 million or a billion dollars a year then he needs to be taxed at 60% over a certain amount of income !!!
    What ever happened to being satisfied with having more than enough money for 10 lifetimes and still cry and complain that your being overly taxed !!
    I mean WTF happened to this country we would all be better off if and I'm going to say it, that if the 1% & the corporations ( who also get gov. Welfare) paid their fair share who knows how good it could be for everyone?????

  2. obama humiliated America and racked up 9 more trill from the bank of china in the name of our children..He didn't keep the debt at 9 trill, or leave America with 0 debt or even a surplus. He frikin' doubled it.. Hows irresponsible. Then he lied about keeping your health care for $2500 less & on & on & on & on & on. The careless spending & costly policies were intended to capsize America.

  3. Oh Barry – you only humiliate yourself with your elitist rhetoric. You didn't humiliate anyone except yourself by totally dodging the question & shaming the rich guys like yourselves. They only pay 15% tax? What? No way?? That's about how much President Trump pays…. oh wait… he pays twice that – it's YOU who only pays 15%. How did we not see it 7 years ago – it's so clear now how you were able to not only screw over "Main Street" but also sent so many Wall Streeters overseas with your ridiculous taxes that they were too smart to pay. So much fancy talk, so little brains behind it. So now we have a guy who talks like Main Street, thinks & works like Wall Street and and exposes all you 5th Avenue traitors.

  4. Hey we bankrupted the economy and you were mean to us as you bailed us out. Trump will roll back all rules you put in place to stop us from repeating it. P.S. Trump constantly shit on hedge fund guys like me but I ignored that to lick his balls for 15 minutes of fame before he fired me.

  5. I represent wall street, then couldn't resist quoting figures, then in same breath, how can i survive if i have to pay employees health care. Then the answer, what a contrast.

  6. Obama said nothing. Just rambled. And Scaramucci's concern of question 2 ended up being proven accurate. Who the heck titles these posts. Very misleading title.

  7. keep beating up those hedge fund billionaires. they should just love it as they laugh all the way to the bank. too bad we cant really show them what it's like to earn their money. pathetic trump, pathetic rich conservatives for the audacity of even trying to make that pathetic argument.

  8. Obama you studering idiot, can't even articulate your point on the people's tax rate. Now, how much is that book deal you successfully negotiated after your presidency? $60 mil, or is it $65 mill? Maybe we'll know after your mini-hiatus on billionaire Sir Richard Branson's mega yacht on Moskito Island. So don't go bashing millionaires salaries and act as if your one of us then go wing off with your billionaire buddies and sign multi-million dollar book deals…

  9. That was a great answer from Obama without a teleprompter.He must have an ear piece in.He is a financial wizard only $10,000,000,000,000 added to our debt in 8 years.

  10. Notice how NOT ONCE in that interview did Obama "Blame Bush/PAST ADMINISTRATION for current issues" (Trumps ONLY go to) Obama knew "THE BUCK STOPS HERE", with the President. Honestly our current Commander in Chief couldn't respond to that convoluted ? with the same intelligent answers that reflected economic precedent fluctuations and WW2 analogies LIKE OBAMA DID to save his life! Trump is an imbecile, everyone on Capitol Hill knows it . EVERYONE…. GOP INCLUDED.

  11. humiliated? nah….that wasnt obama doing that. he was being very polite….that was the crowd saying…yeap wall street suites are douches…and all they did was emphatically clap to the succinctness of his position…which isnt black and white

  12. There's no good reason for these hedge fund managers income to be limited to a 15% tax other than their influence pedaling to both political parties. If it were their money, it would make sense that they should be limited to the long term capital gain rate of 15% due to "time value of money", but they are managing other parties' money so I'm not aware of any reason why their commissions shouldn't be taxed as ordinary income. But they have a lot of money and they make a lot of campaign donations to both parties to keep the law as is. It's definitely a rich man's world and it will stay that way as long as the population keeps voting for a "trickle down theory" president every 8 years. It's more like "tinkle down" on your head since the working middle class pays the tab.


  14. Michael heathman and everyone else bashhing mr trump-pull your heads out of your asses. Its the stupid fucking dumbocrats-espeecially obutthole who tore this country apart. Mr trump is trying to rebuild it and all he's getting is flak from the dumbass libertards. Tell your representatives giving me a fucking break and let him do his job and see how well this country goes. Better than anything out of that hole or that Hilda beast could ever do

  15. obama ..didnot answer either question directly as usual!!

    and he did nothing to help costs of health care for the middle class working man or business who hire them..

  16. Obama the community organizer is speaking like he is an expert on Wall Street. The only stock he ever owned was the Bank of Hawaii stock his grandmother left him. The socialist Obama is quoting directly from Karl Marx Manifesto.

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