Bella Thorne OPENS UP About Traumatic Past - Kendall Jenner EMBRACES Her Acne (DHR) - Celebrity News
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Bella Thorne OPENS UP About Traumatic Past – Kendall Jenner EMBRACES Her Acne (DHR)

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Bella gets candid about her dark past, and Kendall doesn’t let the haters get to her. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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45 thoughts on “Bella Thorne OPENS UP About Traumatic Past – Kendall Jenner EMBRACES Her Acne (DHR)

  1. Not being funny, you guys seemed rather hypocritical to me. You talked about how you could't believe people on social media can be so horrible and then at the end ask us watching what we think like lol obvs not all opinions are going to be nice are they? And Jackie came off as a bit awkward in this video, making funny faces all the time and seeming fractious, nudging the other girl a lot too. Made me gag. xoxo

  2. why does everyone with acne only get it on the cheeks tbh I have never got a single pimple on my cheeks I always got it on my forehead I was debating getting bangs because of this but then I was like that'll just make it worse

  3. The reason why jennifer lawrence was a no show at the golden globes is the same reason why she never came forward about harvey. She doesnt want to ruin her career and was likely advised to not open up or stand up for the times up movement.

  4. Kendall has had lip injections for a while now. People couldn't get her for her acne, so they went for something pointless. I'm not necessarily a fan of hers, but people don't let her breathe.

  5. Acne: a common skin disease characterized by pimples on the face, chest, or and back. It occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

    I would be surprised if she let 3 pimples stop her

    but who cares if she got lip injections, why does it bother people? At the end of the day, it's her face 😬

  6. People are simply so mean… Can y'all stop being so superficial and look at yourselves for a moment. Let me know when you feel confident enough to rock the red carpet while going through something absolutely normal that you cannot control.

  7. You are so dumb . She hasn’t had lip injections. If you looked at paparazzi pics u’d see that they are normal, as always . She also said that she wouldn’t do it also because she’s a model . & not every Kardashian has had surgery’s that’s just wrong

  8. I am white, heterosexual, have no tattoos or piercings, no physical or mental disability, no learning diffuculties, no adhd, no anxiety issues, haven't been sexually abused… on a society of snowflakes and keyboard warriors who like to complain about anything and everything I feel like a pretty boring and mundane person…

  9. Having acne is a hard battle sometimes and it's able to destroy someone's self-confidence. Yes, Kendall is rich, gorgeous and is able to hide it without a problem but she still has feelings and people are always watching, making nasty comments, making memes, etc.

  10. Why kendall acne is so trend? i mean Acne is normal and she's dosen't even give a fuck about it and people are so rude,i mean its just an acne ughh

    ps:just my opinion

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