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Beyonce Twins and African American celebrity worship

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Beyonce Twins and African American celebrity worship

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35 thoughts on “Beyonce Twins and African American celebrity worship

  1. Don't ever ask how low can we go because it's always some negro waiting in the wings to go lower, and once that level of stupidity and depravity has been crossed there will be another negro waiting to take it a step lower. It simply never stops.

  2. Celebrity worship is something that plagues the entire American landscape. People's days are made or broken by the tweets of those who have no clue of the reality the average person deals with. Main stream media perpetuates this by taking the Hollywood elite political and social rantings as gospel by pushing it out to the masses. The days of looking up to your parents, teachers and historical figures are long gone as they have been replaced with half wits who have the ability to sing, dance, and act.

  3. The way I see it, if you're culture values dancing and singing then you have less time for math. My kids spend their time on academics. And I see these other families encouraging their kids to dance and sing. Well, my kids are way ahead academically. And each you my kids get further ahead than their peers who sing and dance. Sports is another activity I see parents encouraging their kids to waste time on. Its sad. But its clear to me why these kids fall behind.

    Academics isn't their sole focus.

  4. I respect the celebs art and music but I don't devote my life to them just because they ACT like they care about black issues. Most celebrities (liberals especially) are fucking idiots who think they know better than the average person when they don't give a shit about anyone but themselves.

  5. What is wrong with the black community ? what is the culture of single-motherhood that breeds violence. Without the fathers in the home it creates violence.If you look at the Numbers violence escalates in every community that has an escalated level of single-motherhood.

    I really think black woman spent 1/2 there life pregnant I should not be shocked to meet a black female in her 20's that does not have a kid. I think it something like 60% of black woman with more then on kid has multiply baby daddy's. How does that help if Single Women Of Color Age 36-49 Have Median Wealth Of Just $5 to have more then one or two kids knowing the environment you live in and it not a safe one to raise kids in?

    In fact I fund this interesting it from DUKE university it says when Black boys raised by white women they do just as well as white children raised by white women, controlling for variables like socioeconomic
    status, education, income, etc. The study says “Turning to differences by mother’s race,
    white students and black students with white mothers have significantly higher
    test scores, math grades, and overall GPAs, and, for male students,  are 
    more  likely  to have  finished  college and  have  higher wages.   For all these measures there is no significant difference between white students and black students with white mothers.  The only case where black students with white mothers are more similar to black students than white students is on grades in science classes”.
    It is a real interesting read if you don't believe me I post the link it on page 12 at the bottom of the page.
    It all start at home and until that happens the black community will be stuck in the same spot even if real racism stop today and we had more equality it is not going to matter if ghetto culture mainstream in the black community just saying.

    Oh BTW black woman if what I said is not you guess what I am not talking to you or about you.

  6. For someone to reply to that sad Twitter post with such an imbecilic comment…that person keeps giving the abortion rights people the upper hand . That , keeps me thinking of making adult abortion law .

  7. Let's not forget if you are a black woman and not a Beyonce fan. You are a hater! Shit can Monica be my favorite female singer. Do I have to like Bey because all y'all other chicks drool over her naked ass! Ughhhhh so annoying but yeah black folks worship celebrities too damn much.

  8. Me and the hubby were talking about this yesterday. It's this desperation that is so pathetic. I actually like her as a performer. I went to see Beyonce on her last tour. Those stans are straight coo coo. The concert started late due to the rain. Some stans were freaking out…lol. I honestly wish would have recorded these folks in action. Mind you some of them are GROWN ASS MEN and WOMEN! One young lady approached me with this crazed look on her face… all in a panic because she was afraid that Beyonce might not perform. It's like they were high on something. We have been taught to think of ourselves as so lowly and that we should look up to these celebs as gods- in human form. They are the "gods" that live among us either in the high hills or up high in tall skyscrapers. Everyday the media sends out the message that they are better than us and don't we wish we could trade places. It's sick.

  9. Great video!
    Black folks screaming… ?!!!BEYONCE IS PREGNANT WITH TWINS!!!? My response to them is… "AND?!? What's your point and WHY should I care? I don't know or care about her and she doesn't know or care about me, nor should we! I have better and more important things in MY life to focus on!"
    Black folks are dysfunctional; Stop looking to/for people to lead you and stop trying to live through other people's lives!

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