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Bill Gates on Tropical Diseases, Trump and Brexit

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Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-chairman, discussed the fifth anniversary of the London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases, working with President Trump and Brexit with Bloomberg’s Manus Cranny on Monday.


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32 thoughts on “Bill Gates on Tropical Diseases, Trump and Brexit

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  3. Drug companies aren't the ones like weed or cocaine antibiotics and medicines,coca cola and tea are drugs your just thinking about illegal drugs everybody thinks the same thing exept smart people like me who know what drugs are first think before you say

  4. Hi I'm Bill Gates a Zionist Kike Cock Womble. I have $23 Million invested in Monsanto ' No seed grown that we don't own'. We feed the Blacks with GM/GMO Foodstuffs. Why, well, because we can. I'm sure you can all remember my quote. ' To reduce the World Population, everyone should be Vaccinated. I am an egotistical Narcissist. I have no understanding of Life, I am your new God, I am a piece of Khazarian Shit. Please look for 'The Greatest Story Never Told', open your eyes to the real lies, & parasitic Pedo's like this Cunt.

  5. Gates is going to do more harm than good by interfering with nature. So we are racing to nine billion people and Gates will help ensure even more live. That means BILLIONS of animals locked in cages for their lives in factory farms and being sliced up for our billions to eat them. This is the most disgraceful act this planet has ever seen. To artificially pump up the population to such a level that it requires the perpetual enslavement of entire species held in captivity and tortured to death is nothing to welcome or celebrate. This world can support a population equal to the support of animals roaming free and wild that are hunted. If we push beyond that – to chickens that never see the sun, ever, and can't ever walk outside a shoebox cage, so they get fatter – and cows that never move from the chain and nose hook attacked to a bar, so they become fatter – then we have become the true monsters. What a disgrace. Shall we have 20 billion people? Why not 80 billion people with 10 billion in the US alone. All it will take is factory farms built like high rise buildings with billions of enslaved animals. Nice. Real nice world.

  6. Everything about this conversation is a fraud. A robber baron like Bill Gates has no interest in helping the world, his only interest is controlling the world.

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  9. These people are so good at pretending to care.
    And most people will think im an angry Trump supporter but i dont like Trump either.
    What i hate is the lies and manipulation that the whole world is under.
    We are being broken and groomed like a pimp does to his tricks , like a pedophile does to their sex slaves.
    Are entire lives they break us and take away everything that we have worked for then they tell us we can not live with out them. But its them who cant live without us.
    They leech off us and tell us they are doing it to help us.
    They steal from us and then give us a tiny bit of what they stole and tell us they are so kind.
    They beat us as hard as they can so when that when we are not being hurt we think its love.
    They introduce us to evil at every moment so we think evil is normal.
    They take control of all business, media, education and use that to make us poor, misled, and stupid.
    We are the real power not them. We are the fuel for their machine. We are the foundation to support their evil. We are the air they consume to live.
    We are everything. They are nothing. Not the other way around.

  10. This is how it works, Mr Eugenics aka big pharma uses the poorest of the poor (indigenous people) inject untested vaccines, perfect, patent. Then place indigenous plant seeds in bank, replace with patent Monsanto seeds, must have Monsanto pesticide, open banks, give loans, but more seeds, can't pay, lose land, can't save seed to plant ( patented) commit suicide.

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