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21 thoughts on “Bill Maher Drops N-Word On His Live Show

  1. See… maybe the fuckin problem here is that people are trying to keep around some bullshit cultural handbook. Maybe we should have half a brain and consider how it's used rather than just seeing A WORD and losing your shit.
    I'll be honest i don't get it. Why is it offensive? You weren't a slave, were your parents or grand parents even? Or are you just taking the opportunity to get offended…. "don't get that comfortable"

    That's the point isn't it, huh? Can't have the white folks gettin' to comfortable, lord forbid we stop giving special treatment out.

  2. but its ok for black people to call white people "white boys"? double standards. we've all said racist jokes before. its a joke. quit acting like bitches. I don't care when someone makes a Mexican joke. get the fk outta here with this crap

  3. comics have always said inflammatory things.He didn't use his best judgement as a man.i am an African American man and I accept his apology.we always have to be mindful of who we may offend.BILL DNT LET THAT SHIT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tries to be anti racist by blasting Bill. Calls all white people crazy. Whose a good little hypocrite? I guess all black people are racist then since you are huh? It doesn't work like that…. dumbass

  5. Since Bill Maher on his show refereed to himself as a House Nigga or House Nigger (you may chose the spelling), I have watched many "Social Commentators" trying to show that they are outraged, and that just make me smile. Everyone knows the origin of the word nigga and what it stands for; well almost everyone, because I personally think that those Black artists and those many Black individuals, some young and some not so young who routinely refer to themselves and other Black persons as niggas, don't really know the history of the word. Instead of using our energies to try to condemn Bill Maher let's focus on educating our Black brothers and sisters against referring to themselves as niggas. By the way, Bill Maher used the term "House Nigga', a term used by Black to define other Blacks who prefer to kiss Massa arse rather than join field slaves in the rebellion. Malcolm often used to describe those Blacks who prefer to work for the white establishment against the civil-rights movement.

  6. Yep blacks never ever say cracker! Lmfao Even though that's what's slaves called the masters (slave mentality still) Blacks have the thinnest skin. Us whites are laughing at you and your culture. Use some of this energy to uplift your family from the ghetto but that would actually require working towards something meaningful. A word causes your people to become the biggest little bitches in America. Keep pushing shit on the feet of white people that's worked out so well for about zero other races of people before.

  7. Devil farrakhan called for the death of all white people and that didn´t get half the attention it deserved.
    You black people are a bunch of whining parasites, that´s if I dare call you black. We know what you really are don´t we?

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