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Bisexual Bella Thorne reveals her celebrity crushes || Scandals

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Bella Thorne has admitted to having crushes on Demi Lovato, Kristen Stewart and Camila Cabello.The actress, 19 – who came out as bisexual last year – revealed she is attracted to a number of ‘super-hot’ famous women and would love to date them, given the opportunity.She told Stylecaster. com: ‘Demi Lovato. That’s an obvious one. I love Demi. We’re close.She’s amazing, just such a beautiful person inside and out. Love everything she stands for.’Kristen Stewart. She’s so hot. Oh. My. God. You put on those f**king Converse, girl.You put on that rock shirt, and you come to mommy. I literally love Kristen Stewart.’Who else is super-hot? Oh, Camila Cabello. I think she’s so hot. I just saw her at a party the other night, but she was with a guy, so I wasn’t gonna hit on her because she was with a date.’But Bella admitted that she finds it easier to date men than women because she never knows if girls are into her romantically or just want to be her friend.She explained: ‘It’s so hard. I can’t tell if a girl is trying to be best friends with me or if she wants to get with me or if she just wants social media followers.I’m just so confused when a girl talks to me. Girls can be very flirtatious. ‘Bella also claimed that most girls she knows are only interested in hooking up because they are not out as lesbian or bisexual.She explained: ‘I’ll get a lot of girls that randomly write me. I’ve got this one girl that writes me and she’s like, “Hey, I wanna f**k you.Like, hey, come to me baby. What’s up?”‘I’m like, ‘We can do that, but can I also open the door for you? I wanna take you out.’And some girls are just, like, ‘No, you can’t,’ because a lot of girls are not out, especially if they’re in the industry, which is most of the people that I know.’While she may be on the lookout for love as opposed to simply lust, Bella continued her racy social media streak with several new snaps.On Thursday, she posted a picture showing herself crouching in the corner of an unadorned room.She was clad in a black PVC textured jacket and a pair of PVC thigh-highs, and her fiery locks are draped over half of her face.Her caption for that read ‘mommi long legs. ‘In her next photo she shared on Friday, the Blended starlet appeared clad in a neon green trench coat over a shredded white top and panty combination, which showed off her enviably taut torso.Once again she opted for thigh-high boots, though this time they were a sparkly silver color.She also had been painted with some very distinctive racoon-style make-up. Her caption for that image posed a question for fans: ‘ITS SPOOKY season.No idea what I wanna be for Halloween yet. you?’A few Snapchat shares gave a closer look at the bizarre costume.Earlier this week, Bella found herself at the centre of speculation she is now dating Tana Mongeau, after the girls were seen putting on a VERY steamy display on social media.Appearing in high spirits, Bella cut a playful figure as she hammed it up in front of the cameras, flashing a smile before cheekily poking her tongue out.Her appearance comes after the former Disney starlet had strongly suggested there was a new lady in her life when she re-tweeted photos of herself and YouTube star Tana locking lips.The tweet rehashed an early post from 19-year-old vlogger Tana, who previously wrote ‘I want to date @BellaThorne,’ and today added a sassy followup which read ‘Dreams do come true kids.’She had first confirmed she is bisexual during a Twitter exchange with a fan in 2016.After sharing a photo of her kissing a female, Bella was asked if she is bisexual, to which she simply replied: ‘Yes.’But now wanting a girlfriend, the acting talent admitted she is often confused by girls that take an interest in her.Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, she said: ‘I’ve done other stuff with girls, but I want to actually date a girl.I can’t tell if a girl is hitting on me or she just wants to be friends. ‘I don’t want to flirt with a girl if she thinks I’m just being her friend.What if I kiss a girl and she’s like, “Oh, I’m just your friend dude, I can’t believe you just crossed that boundary.”I’m confused on what they want from me. ‘Bella has previously dated the likes of Scott Disick, Gregg Sulkin, Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth. Scandals


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