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Bizarre Celebrity Chef Scandals That Really Happened

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In the past few decades, the entertainment world has been cracked wide open by perhaps the most unlikely group of entertainers: professional chefs. It can be tough at the top, though, and some of the world’s biggest and best chefs have been surrounded by scandal. Strange, bizarre, crazy scandals that leave you wondering how anyone could’ve cooked this stuff up the first place…

Anthony Bourdain vs. seals | 0:21
Nigella Lawson serving up drugs | 1:36
Paula Deen’s alleged racism | 2:22
L’ubomir Herko cuts cocaine on live TV | 3:20
Ina Garten turns down Make-A-Wish | 4:04

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29 thoughts on “Bizarre Celebrity Chef Scandals That Really Happened

  1. I'm so surprised by the Ina Garten one. I've seen her interviewed so many times, and she doesn't strike me as the type who would refuse something like that. I'm curious what her side of the story is.

  2. Paula should not have hired a black woman. It took only one to end her. Avoid them as employees like the plague. Always brooding, watching and planning. Will flip sides on you at any time.

  3. A chef using cocaine! gasp and people were shocked by this?! Cooks/chefs use cocaine and other potent "uppers" all the time, its a big part of how they are able to plate meals for dozens of people at a time in a matter of minutes.

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