Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Both Claim Domestic Abuse? - Lorde Denies Taylor Swift Diss (DHR) - Celebrity News
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Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Both Claim Domestic Abuse? – Lorde Denies Taylor Swift Diss (DHR)

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Blac Chyna claims domestic abuse, and Lorde denies slamming Taylor. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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45 thoughts on “Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Both Claim Domestic Abuse? – Lorde Denies Taylor Swift Diss (DHR)

  1. Okay you guys again taking this little of context here just like lorde said it's no fucking squad they don't call it that it's just a wide group of people and like everything people know alot of people the media created this squad taylor just captioned a single photo with haim that !! And also tired of this squad shit and also that stupid snake thing she didn't poison anyone!!!! done👍

  2. i don't think she was trying to diss Taylor in anyway, i just think everyone reads too much into what celebrities say and just want to make drama out of it.
    i think Blacchyna is just trying to get attention from all of this, i really don't think Rob would of hit her because what we see, he would never do that.

  3. Chyna was wrong for cheating on Rob and playing with his feelings. But Rob was wrong for taking this to public instead of keeping between them. Like this whole thing is so unbelievable. They are both idiots and clearly their main priority is not Dream. Which is very sad.

  4. Chyna and Rob are broken people and for broken souls its easy to believe they're healing themselves while helping the other. I've been dealt with this myself when I was younger and family and friends also. So I've watch this kinda relationship always play out the same, after the honeymoon faze the relationships become a hot mess with seeing who can throw the lowest blows, the on and off again, till being around each other is just toxic. This ain't over and will get worse especially since the will never be able to escape each other and heal now they're parents. Smdh CASH DOSE NOT TURN TRASH INTO CLASS poor kids.

  5. I don't feel the bit sorry for Rob. He is a Grown Man, he had to know Blac Chyna was not wife material. He wanted that blac chyna booty, tasted her booty, and got blac chyna fever and then expected to become the only keeper of that booty. She simply played and followed along to make herself a house hold name, and she won. Man should of just dropped her and let her be forgotten (i mean the man can literally meet and date woman around the world) but nope he fell into to her provocations and made her the most spoken of person in these few days….. She is just a very experienced Savage Player.

  6. You understand why he hired Shapiro right? He was a close personal friend of the family and his late father, Robert. Of course that's who is lawyer is.. who else would it be?

  7. Vivian & Erin, you were great on this episode. Thoughts: First, I'm sure Liam enjoyed putting his pictures up. Second, I saw Lorde's letter and it's good she cleared it up. Hopefully the big media outlets can quit using "squad" every time Taylor's friends come up. Third, congratulations to Niall on his first solo tour "Flicker Sessions." I'm sure his fans are going to love it. Fourth, i said that this Blac/Rob drama would just end up turning into a big tabloid scandal frenzy. Now, because of this, this will make the family feel some type of way, and to take away from this, a lesson to be learned: Do NOT make your drama so public, because the media will turn it into a field day for themselves, and it will be a big downward spiral. Fifth, to be honest, it's better that Rob take the restraining order than fight in court, because it could get ugly in there, and there could be even more things that go public. To answer your final questions, Lorde wasn't slamming out at Taylor, and let's just get over the Rob/Blac drama already. Thanks for a great DHR. #Clevverettes

  8. she's a cheap.ass cunt….I feel Rob..the cunt is a money hungry low class cunt…the cunt knew exactly what she.was doing…I don't blame for the Kardashian trying to.take the cunt down..she's a cunt w gonnoria in her brain..karma is a bitch cunt

  9. Now you see she was not even with Rob because she even said before she was broke up with him Rob is the one who thought they were still together he wouldn't let her go so she sent the video to get rid of him the man is an emotional wreck

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