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Breaking News – I’m A Celebrity:Viewers spot a HUGE spider behind Iain Lee

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The likes of Amir Khan and Dennis Wise have already been accused of ‘bullying him’ during their time in I’m A Celebrity.But Iain Lee found himself in another comprising situation as eagle-eyed viewers spotted a large spider in the background as he unknowingly spoke away in the Bush Telegraph.Unaware of the creepy-crawly lurking behind him, the comedian, 44, talked abut the Dingo Dollar challenge – however ‘anxious’ viewers proved to be distracted as they kept watching the spider instead.Iain was seen happily speaking of his experience about completing the penultimate with Jamie Lomas.However, all fans of the show could see was the ginormous critter lurking in the background.Viewers flocked to Twitter to express their uneasiness at the eight-legged creature:’Anybody else freaked out by the size of that spider behind Ian?! #ImACelebrity.”#ImACelebrity il bet Iain didn’t no he had that huge spider behind him.”Did anyone else see the huge spider behind Jamie in the jungle telegraph #ImAceleb #ImACelebrity.”Anyone else on edge becus of the spider in the diary room #imacelebrity.”That spider in the background is making me anxious #ImACelebrity’ and ‘UUUMMMM IAIN MIND THE SPIDER #ImACelebrity #ImACeleb.”I’m sorry but did anyone else see that MASSIVE spider behind Iain’s head?!? #ImACelebrity #imaceleb.”Watching them talk in the bush telegraph and all I can see is that HUGE spider behind them…#imaceleb.”Let’s take a minute to talk about that FUCKIN MASSIVE SPIDER BEHIND IAN’S HEAD OK..! #ImACeleb.’This comes after Amir Khan has insisted that he and Iain were genuine pals in the jungle, and has said how ‘hurt and upset’ he feels to have been accused of ‘bullying’ the star.The 31-year-old boxer told The Sun just hours after his jungle exit he had classed Iain as a friend during his time in the jungle, and the pair shared several moments that were not shown to fans on-screen.Amir said: ‘I’ve never bullied Iain in any way, it’s the opposite, I would be the one to put my arm around him and tell him not to worry…  I wanted to make him feel better.’To be cast as the bad guy has really hurt and upset me.At one time, when he was lonely and sitting on his own, I was the only one who was checking if he was OK… just to give him some company and make him feel part of the group.’Amir has been at the centre of the controversy surrounding the I’m A Celebrity camp this year, which saw fans accuse him, footballer Dennis Wise and Hollyoaks star Jamie Lomas of ‘bullying’ Iain.Media watchdog OfCom received 300 complaints surrounding the issue, with viewers admitting being unable to watch scenes which saw the trio make comments towards Iain who confessed it had made him feel ‘uncomfortable.’A spokesperson for Ofcom told The Sun it is accessing the complaints and will decide in the coming weeks whether to investigate things further.Amir, meanwhile, insisted that he was never informed that his behaviour was in any way unacceptable.The sportsman’s comments came as f
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