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Breaking News Today – Celebrity Big Brother: India Willoughby evicted first

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India Willoughby has become the first housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother in the nail-biting live eviction.The transgender newsreader was booted from the Borehamwood mansion on Friday night after receiving less votes to be saved than Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell.The opinionated 51-year-old, who admitted she had ‘c**ked’ up her time in the house with her ‘outbursts’, left the house to a mixture of cheers and boos.Speaking to host Emma Willis, she said: ‘I had so much more to offer, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.It is like a hurdles race, there are obstacles in the house.’I think I hit a really big one with the gender question.’She was greeted by her mother Sandra, looking emotional as she said ‘I missed you!’ She admitted she ‘spoke far too much’ about her gender in the house, saying: ‘I should have kept my gob shut and waited for the questions instead of burying people under a load of statements and views.Even I get bored of it!’ She added: ‘I was fatally wounded in terms of the game of Big Brother.I don’t really feel I did myself justice.Did I give my best show? No.’ India, who identifies as a woman after having gender reassignment surgery, previously came under fire for claiming she has a ‘phobia’ of drag queens.Fans labelled her a ‘hypocrite’ after finding photos of her posing with drag queens during Pride on her Instagram account.Discussing her close relationship with housemate Shane Jenek, whose drag queen alter-ego is Courtney Act, she admitted she’ll never ‘completely lose’ her phobia.’I don’t know whether I’ll completely lose that.But Shane I’m cool with and I think it’s because I know who’s behind the exterior,’ she said.She added that her bond with Shane was ‘crucial’ to her time in the house, saying: ‘When I was feeling really cut off, he was one of two people, I felt like I could talk to.Me and Shane actually do agree on about 80 to 90 per cent of things.’ India also said the RuPaul’s Drag Race star was the ‘star’ of this series and would win the show.’He’s the most popular person in the house, he’s the star of the show.He will actually sit and listen, he’s also got a playful side and what a performer.I think he’ll definitely win it.’ India later touched upon Ashley James and Ginuwine’s budding romance in the house, insisting that their chemistry is genuine.’I don’t think it is is a showmance, Ashley has just been brought up proper.She’s had talks in the bedroom about what her relatives and family might think if something did happen,’ she said.’But it is genuine without a shadow of a doubt that they like each other, the eye contact is consistent.’ Discussing the backlash she received for refusing to swap beds with former MP Ann Widdecombe, 70, she said it’s because she was a Big Brother superfan.’I watch Big Brother every year and I know it’s crucial to get a good bed, it was paramount in my head, as soon as i got in the house I wanted a good bed, I didn’t see that it was Ann’s bed,’ she said.’It’s a very mild show, it’s more intellectual.Compared to its history, this year was Bambi-esque.’ Asked if she was playing a game in the house, she said: ‘My tactics were all over the place.Once you’re frozen out, it’s really difficult to go back in.I was expecting punch-ups.’I was psyched up to mix it a little bit, some confrontation, stir things sup and cause a little trouble.’ Earlier in the show, India predicted her eviction while talking in the Diary Room.She said: ‘My gut feelings are that I will probably be climbing that staircase.I think I’ve c**ked it up big time, those early outbursts have cost me.’I’m annoying the housemates and it’s just becoming a bit embarrassing.I’m not an embarrassment on the outside.I have got good bants, I can chat.I think people see me as a Big Brother corpse at the moment.’I’d really really like to stay, its always been my dreams to be on the show, nobody wants to be the first to go.I’m trying to get on with people, I even made up with Amanda ‘I should have come in and kept my gob shut, it was p


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