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Breaking News Today – Celebrity Big Brother: Viewers question Ashley’s romance

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Celebrity Big Brother viewers have accused Ashley James and Ginuwine of starting a showmance after their flirting reached new heights during Thursday’s episode.The British reality starlet, 30, and US rapper, 47, were seen cuddling up on the sofa, joking about getting married and even sharing their first kiss – albeit on the cheek.However, viewers soon accused Ashley of faking the romance as she went on to admit that she doesn’t want to date anyone inside the house.Speaking in the Diary Room, she confessed: ‘I’m having the best time and the best experience.I think because I’m completely being myself.’I’m enjoying flirting with [Ginuwine], but that could be friendship.I’m happy.I wouldn’t get excited, I definitely don’t want a house romance.Valentine’s day is just around the corner.’ Whilst Ashley may not have been sold on dating the father-of-nine, her fellow housemates seemed to be with India Willoughby claiming: ‘You can see it in their eyes that there’s chemistry.I’m so happy for Ashley she’s so patient.She’s a good girl.’ Meanwhile, Daniel O’Reilly (Dapper Laughs) exclaimed ‘they’re going to kiss tonight’, as Andrew Brady enthused: ‘The guy has game.’ Jonny Mitchell was more sceptical, however, commenting ‘A relationship ain’t on the cards,’ to which Daniel shot back, ‘showmance!’ Viewers were equally as wary, taking to Twitter during the show to remark: ‘I have 0 cares for this Ashley and Ginuwine showmance #CBB’; ‘Does Ashley realise her showmance will leave her the step mum of 9 children #CBB ‘There’s nothing I hate more in reality TV than a showmance, but there’s something about Ashley & Ginuwine I’m genuinely interested in seeing.Especially since it’s not your typical British reality star showmance.#CBB ‘#cbb We don’t want to see any’s boring and fake and takes the attention off the real dramas going on’; ‘This showmance doesn’t even make sense.#cbb’ Other fans were convinced, however, tweeting: ‘Am I the only one loving Ashley & #genuwine I think they’re so sweet #cbb’; ‘To be honest, I don’t think there’s a shomance going on between Ashley and Ginuwine.I think they’re just having a bit of banter.#cbb’.Their comments came after one-time Made In Chelsea star Ashley was seen checking out the shirtless Pony hitmaker through the glass wall as he got into bed, motioning for her to get in with him.As part of a 1950s-themed task, where the men have to work in a factory and the women play the roles of housewives, Ashley and her co-stars also began discussing infidelity and how women would put a sign up for the milkman if their husband was out.She shyly told Ginuwine, ‘Just so you know, I don’t cheat’, as he cuddled up to her on the sofa, planting a kiss on her cheek, as he replied: ‘Good, I’m glad, I’ve got more than enough for you!’.


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