Breaking NEWS|3 A-LIST Celebrities TIED to WFN| MARK WAHLBERG | ROMAN REIGNS | JOSH DUHAMEL - Celebrity News
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It’s been a long road, It all started from a small 3 min WFN video I made on youtube which has landed me in the middle of one of the biggest scandals in history. As been promised for a long time, Richard Rodriquez is on LIVE to disclose more names and these aren’t just names.. they are 3 A-LIST Celebrities that were involved in WFN including Mark Wahlberg, ROMAN REIGNS & JOSH DUHAMEL .There is more to come in my investigation of uncovering the Mystery Behind Iron Addicts Gym. For insider and behind the scenes follow me @jonnybravotv on IG.


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49 thoughts on “Breaking NEWS|3 A-LIST Celebrities TIED to WFN| MARK WAHLBERG | ROMAN REIGNS | JOSH DUHAMEL

  1. Mark Lobliar would get more respect if he just came out and admitted the gear usage….he’s NOT fooling anyone….I grew up in Roxbury from the age of 9-15 now I live on Cape Cod I’m 37….I hung out with Marky Marks circle of friends…I saw Mark around but never really hung out 1-1 he was a little older…but the things Mark has done while a young kid-teen (see he left when I moved to the Cape he was already somewhat gone from Boston by that age) he’s beat up, robbed women, black teens, Asians, him & his boys beats the living shit out of a “gay” kid and threw his bike on him after he was on the ground….I saw the bike thing…he wasn’t this innocent kid….Hollywood really saved his & his friends lives….I don’t even know if I should post this…this is all allegedly of course 🤔🤔

  2. Great job Jonny. Did you get approval from the Detention center to do an interview. I have a feeling they will deny it if their is a conspiracy against him to keep the alleged info from getting out right now. I gave you info on how and who to ask for approval did you read it?

  3. Is nobody gonna bring up the fact that both these dudes are just being snitches? Nobody owes Richard shit they were employees and customers that trusted him not to sing like a bitch when shit came down. This guy acts like he didn’t know what he was doing was illegal, and that he doesnt realize anyone working with him isn’t gonna send him cash when the fbi is watching your accounts.. Both jonnybravo and this Richard guy are total bitches without a real bone in their bodies. Drug dealing 101 tells you to hide cash elsewhere for when this shit happens..

  4. great video, love your production quality. Would it be possible in the future to do this via skype for better sound quality (this was a bit high pitched) maybe possible to do some subtitles. Im not a english native speaker and with this detailed info subtitles would help. Keep up the good work!

  5. Giant piece of shit names i really hope someone fucks both these guys up..public dont care who on juice…the only one i feel bad for is Dicks. wife that she married a giant piece of wet shit,,,, and bravo!! how are u in the fitness industry because u go to gym and make videos .that makes you genova… but for most part people like him…but i hope someone puts beating on both of you….

  6. wahlberg is probably drawing up a cc of his doctor prescribed test and looking at his fridge full of real serostim prescribed gh laughing like richard who? I call total bullshit on this name, is he on gear? of course by a real doctor why are people quick to forget that WFN was total garbage!! worst source around, all there raws underdosed or bunk completely and full of contaminants

  7. Good stuff. I was thinking it might have been a tease video. But Jonny delivers. The interesting one is Josh Duhamel. Never thought of him as a muscle guy or even shredded. It just goes to show that the whole "insert actors name…… Workout / diet" is nonsense or is at least accompanied by drug use. You'd think Roman and mark would have better (safer) connections. But I guess they all thought this was safe.

  8. The more I listen to this vlog, the more I’m reminded of another coward from Miami, Jose Canseco. Uncanny!

    WTF is going on in that backstabbing city?

    Richard Rodriguez is a snake in the grass. Not one of the names disclosed surprises me, but this guys spineless sour grapes ratting out is deplorable.

    Roman Reigns sang “I’m a Little Tea Pot” f/Christ sakes. Who rats out a guy on a commercial endorsing fatherhood?!

    He made the mistake of thinking he was actually friends with clients, when it was just business — stay clear of people like Rich in any life endeavor. Warning signs are likely clinginess, persistent desire to interact for no reason after the fact, name dropping, excessive favor requests, & never loan these bastards money.

    Johnny, I think you’ll find that this guys story is only going to interest a select few. These disclosures are the equivalent of telling a man that a woman has breast implants. So long as it’s a mouth & handful, who cares.

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