BTS SHUTS DOWN 2017 AMAs! - Selena Gomez UPSET Over Justin Bieber?! (DHR) - Celebrity News
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BTS SHUTS DOWN 2017 AMAs! – Selena Gomez UPSET Over Justin Bieber?! (DHR)

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BTS slay their AMAs performance, and Jelena having problems? All this & more on today’s DHR.

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48 thoughts on “BTS SHUTS DOWN 2017 AMAs! – Selena Gomez UPSET Over Justin Bieber?! (DHR)

  1. I️ personally really like BTS, but I️ actually prefer different Korean genres, so to anyone who says that they don’t like BTS, it’s cool, but might I️ encourage anyone who’s style isn’t bts, try some Spanish, French, Russian, German or Chinese music cause music is so universal that you can like and dislike anything you want


  2. psy was a worldwide sensation as soon as he released 'Gangnum Style'. I sincerely hope BTS will not be content with their international fame but continue doing what they do best…

  3. To all the army's and not kpop fans:

    I'll share something very important I think BTS really did well in AMAs 2017 although we can't appreciate it that much because they sang only one song and we expected too much. Also look at them, they reached so many footsteps of achievements and awards and first to debut in US TV. For me, t'was like "OHH MYGHAD DATS MAH BOIS CMON KEEP ON SLAYIN" I look like a fkin proud proud mom and just can't move on with them oml I just don't give a damn. So to all the non kpop fans out there please you guys are free to talk but dont underestimate them you don't know how hard and long they've been through their struggles and longings for their family. Well then, IM STILL PROUD OF YOU ARMYS!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOH!

    To all non kpop fans who are very curious about them you still have the chance and time to meet them and feel all of their songs. It's so funny I dont like KPOP also before but I do when I always bully my classmates why do they sing korean stuffs like omyghad wth is that and so with all of my nerves that is dying curiousity I listened to their songs and okay Im shook after the long moment of that time I realized okay I think I like KPOP uggggggh I really do 🙁 <3 So I believe guys you still have time to stan kpop LOOOOL.

    P..S: Sorry for my bad english lol.
    I just want to share my feelings about BTS they're one of the best people in the world. Godbless!


  4. I really don’t understand antis. Like it’s one thing to just dislike bts because it’s not their personal preference, which I completely respect, not everyone has to like them, but it’s another when people are continually belittling and disrespecting them yet they blame the fandom for being annoying. I’m sorry but antis can’t expect people to just sit there and not speak up for the boys, we would respect people’s opinions if antis knew what goddamn respect was. Why do they claim bts to be irrelevant yet had the energy to comment about them and clicked on a video about them? Just continue spouting nonsense as bts dominates the charts 🙂

  5. Doubt anyone will see this but look guys most of y'all need to seriously chill.. If you guys didn't know this is the real world, where not everyone likes what you like. Shocking. But that doesn't mean y'all got to be so damn nasty. This is the reason why you guys are called annoying fans, because once someone says one little thing you don't like about BTS y'all go to war with them it's unbelievable. I'm sure you guys are a great supportive fandom but when all people see are bad comments then well they get a bad impression. Some of y'all are chill tho so thanks (: I have nothing against BTS, all I'm against are the nasty comments. I know it could be hard to control yourself, I'm a fifth harmony fan so sometimes it takes a whole lot out of me to keep my mouth shut lol. But seriously guys c'mon

  6. Never heard of bts at all before this. It was a mediocre performance for the amount of praise it got… like it reminded me of americas best dance crew performing to some random boring song and everyone in the audience was freaking out and crying i dont get it lol not into it

  7. It upsets me how people automatically assume it's because of something as superficial as a relationship. Selena is human too and there is a lot of mental strain on many people nowadays especially if you're always in the spotlight and just received a kidney transplant I wish people would just support her and respect her going on stage after all she's been through.

  8. i am just looking at comments……..why are some people tell bad about bts i know you didn't like them…but do you know about them or know how much our babies had struggle to be in that position……plz i am begging if you don't like them keep it to yourself……they become part in AMAs isn't that a big deal they are from small industry yet they achieve so more…..plz have some respect🙏🙏

  9. People can get all mad if they want but everything they said is true, ARMY support BTS because they are hard working, encourage people to change their lifes, are great artist/producers, are awesome at dancing and singing, THEY ARE HUMBLE, AWESOME HUMAN BEINGS and we are INSPIRED BY THEM, everybody in the comments should #ENDviolence STOP HATING, WE CAN HAVE DIFFERENT TASTES AND STILL RESPECT EACH OTHER

  10. I think what Gabby said was true in part. A woman CAN and SHOULD dress the way she wants, however, if you do dress up a bit more sexy/provocative, it can bring the wrong kind of attention. My own style of dress is on the more provocative side, and because I know that there are sickos out there, I always pay attention to my surroundings, especially late at night. So, dress however you want, just be careful and be aware that some ppl are not good ppl. Because even if you are dressed like a couch potato (❤️), there will always be bad ppl. Throughout history, humans have always been shitty to each other, and unfortunately, we still are, and most definitely will always be.

  11. I'm really not a fan of the American artist that preformed (I came for BTS) but Pinks sky performance was so cool and I would love to see her do it again! But I was so happy seeing the boys enjoying themselves during the performances, Suga looked miserable during the interviews last week.

    (Please don't tear me apart, I'm not the biggest fan of the others that preformed😖)

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