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Camila RESPONDS to 5H VMA Shade – Logan Paul Faces MAJOR Consequences (DHR)

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Camila finally talks about THAT Fifth Harmony moment, and Youtube cuts major ties with Logan. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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50 thoughts on “Camila RESPONDS to 5H VMA Shade – Logan Paul Faces MAJOR Consequences (DHR)

  1. But of course she would wait five months to say how she feels. She used to avoid answering questions. But when Fifth Harmony finally speak up about something, they’re in the wrong. It’s some skewed ass minds out there.

  2. 5h: does a performance that represents what they went through together as a group
    everyone: they did that because they’re flops and want attention get over it
    c: waits 5 months to say her feelings were hurt
    everyone: omg you poor baby they hurt her feelings she’s scarred

  3. In my opinion it’s not his fault he stumbled apon that me to that would be frightening enough maybe he shouldn’t have posted it and instead just showed YouTube ??? Idk that’s just me. And plz not the thinning 2 it’s to big of a project to just leave it ☹️

  4. Logan Paul, Not Enough , this is just a baby slap on the hand. You know, they cry but don't really understand why. He is out of control as to what he will do for views.

  5. I was so sad when Camila left but lets be honest, shes wayyyyy better off solo shes doing amazing!!!!!! HER PERFORMANCE WAS FIRE!!!!! Fifth Harmony just lost my respect for them with that VMA stunt they pulled smh they were all so sweet and now they changed not for the better and thats why they just well… flopped. I used to be a HUGE harmonizer too….

  6. You guys are a bunch of busy bodies it is not your f**** business if Logan Paul got what he deserves so-called .he knew it was wrong no one needs to tell him how it is it's no one else's business but himself. You busy bodies take it way too far and out of proportion he made a f**** mistake you don't need to write an article and have all these YouTubers bash on someone for a mistake you're just looking for something to bash him about because he's successful go do something more important because I'm done with this petty gossip bullshit😒😒😒😒

  7. it’s stupid how he should receive a punishment to something that he says is never good in whatever circumstances. I get you both girls are getting payed for this but this is actually ridiculous on how your minds work. Logan Paul covered the identity, left hotlines for suicide or depression and he said he copes with ideas by laughing. and the girl with the red hair your eyes looked crossed eye and the girl with the ordinary hair thing looks like she is going to take a dump in one of the frame.

  8. I think Logan should be suspended for a few months actually! And, he needs a psychiatrist to help him mentally so he can learn to not let his views and subscribers get to his head so much! He loves that all these kiddos are making him money and I used to be a fan, until he started breaking plates and getting insanely childish! My 10yr old wants to make videos breaking plates! Uh….no Logan!

  9. I think a dead body is worth a channel being taken down, especially when smaller youtubers are having thiers demonotized for hardly doing anything at all (I know that some people do deserve it, but I find it quite interesting that youtube isn't really doing the same to big money makers). Logan went into a place literally called "suicide forest", filmed, made fun of and ignored his friends when they voiced their concerns, he then continued to edit and post the video for his main audience (about 7 to 15 year olds) to view…If this is the kind of role models that are being produced and who don't seem to recieve feirce enough punishment for horrifying videos, I feel like there is a danger of the children copying or at least making highly disrespectful videos with no fear of consequence… just something to think about.

  10. I kinda think the Logan Paul takedown and him getting all his jobs n such taken away is BULLSHIT! No I'm not a child I'm 27 years old! But he ISNT the first person to come across a dead body and have it in his videos! Just because he is a bigger YouTuber then those who have done the same thing he gets punished? Go look for yourselves there are many other videos on the suicide forest and another kind of big channel that I'm not going to name came across "remains" . Why wasn't anything done to anyone else and don't get me wrong I understand the argument but NO ONE should b allowed to show things like that….so YouTube should punish everyone else as well!!!!!!!!

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