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Celebrities Who Suffer From Mental Illness

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It’s okay to not be okay.
Check out the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for more information: https://www.nami.org/Find-Support/NAMI-HelpLine

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39 thoughts on “Celebrities Who Suffer From Mental Illness

  1. and to any dumb ignorant cunt in the comments being like 'this generation indulges in mental illness/diagnosis/wah etc', sorry that science and medicine are catching up and making advances in my lifetime. you cunts sound like anti-vaxxers

  2. mental health is awful. i spoke to a therapist a few years ago and thought it helped me, but 3 years later, i'm now on antidepressants from the doctor and in touch with different counsellors. this is after i left my career to go back into education to 'give me focus'.

    my mental health is from issues from when i was 10 throughout my teen years. my doctor actually started tearing up when i went to him.

    i smoke weed too, but idk if it makes me lazy or if i'm lethargic. i think i've been lethargic most of my life haha. i started smoking weed on the recommedation of an ex due to my insomnia, that was about 4 years ago.

    if you can speak to a therapist. i couldn't speak to my family or friends for reasons, and opening up to someone that i knew could not betray me really helped. still not better, but at least i feel like there's support/plan behind me now.

  3. Everybody suffers poor mental health in their life, whether it be a result of stress, hectic lifestyle, a death, but that doesn't mean everybody has a mental illness. A lot of these celebrities don't have a mental illness.

  4. I did an artwork on this, but I went super old school. I painted Vincent Van Gogh, Slyvia Plath, Edvard Munch, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Vonnegurt, Jimi Hendrix – all LEGENDS

  5. I love the honesty in this conversation… very refreshing. Just by watching this video it made me realise why I gradually reduced my use of substances. I am not saying I was an unusually heavy drinker, just the normal university student getting trashed on weekends and smoking weed here and there but overtime I think I subconsciously began to see how it negatively effects my mental state and can take my mood from a 10 to 1. Still trying to work out coping mechanisms that work for me, but please, lets continue this conversation – it is so important! Thanks guys.

  6. You can also check your city for Wellness Centers, mine has at least 3. They're centers that hold groups talking about specific mental illness and how to cope with them. I went to one for a while that was open to all ages and was completely free. It had groups on depression, bipolar, grief and loss, anxiety, and an art and creative writing class. And if your under 25 there are other free programs you can find in your city that have councilors, groups, art and some even give you rides there and back or bus tokens. If your struggling look online, there are programs in your city you can go to, lots of them free. You can even bring a friend with you, it makes it way less scary, trust me. I started going to groups when I was 20 after my dad passed away, and it helped me cope with my depression and anxiety and I made a few good friends when I was there. You can get help. There are resources out there.

  7. I love when Amir is on so much. I feel you on substances being a crutch or whatever. It's hard af to feel like you don't want to get out of bed without smoking a bowl or something

  8. Please do a video about the Blue Whale Challenge!! Very important to spread awareness, whether it's a hoax or not!!! | Side note! I think it's great that mental illness is finally losing its stigma. I have bipolar, and there are times I still think I'm just bat shit crazy, and forget that it's not my fault I have a chemical imbalance in my brain. Talking about this is so important!!!

  9. Mental health awareness month 💚 my brother has schizophrenia and bipolar without him Having this I'd be a completely different person it's sad to see but we have amazing parents to help him through it, and to help my brothers and I

  10. Grace is such a gem. thanks guys for this video. I've been struggling with anxiety my whole life and a bout of depression right now, trying new medications and therapy this past year. it has been so hard but it helps to know there are folks who get it. thank youuu, Cheers.❤

  11. Grace, you don't have to be in the creative field to be constantly seeking validation from other people. We all have bosses. We all have people that are responsible for our pay checks and other measures of well being.

  12. Good topic of discussion on a disorder that I have suffered from all of my life. I'm 62 now and content with life. It took many years of experimentation to find the medication that worked the best for my situation(major depressive disorder, anxiety and ocd). My paternal grandmother and my dad also suffered with mdd during their lifetimes. I've been told that there is probably a genetic predisposition for depression on their side of the family. So I am certain that I will continue to take medication for the rest of my life. I prefer not to be dependant on a prescription drug that ups the serotonin in my brain but I would rather take meds than suffer with that familiar decades old sensation of feeling that I crawled into a deep, dark hole that I can't get out of. It's a trade-off I can accept because of the peace of mind that I now have in my life. When I see young people suffering with depression, my heart goes out to them. I want to tell them not to self medicate with booze or illicit substances. I want to let them know that the right psychotropic legally prescribed drug is out there, although it may take a while before one of them is revealed to be the best fit for you. There's no such thing as textbook depression. That's why so many drugs for depression exist and more are being added to the list as new drugs are synthesized in the research lab. There is so much more hope that young people can be diagnosed and treated early on in life and not have to wait till they're 41 as in my case. Please believe me when I say that you will get better. We live in the age of 'better living through the miracle of modern chemistry'. It's not your fault that you weren't born with enough serotonin in your brain. But there is help out there in the form of prescription drugs, counseling, support groups, etc. It can be an arduous journey, but there will be people who will help you along the way. Peace.

  13. Pop Trigger please do a video on the latest whitewashing Niihau film. It's disgusting and I'm not even Polynesian but black. And I can't tell if these white Hollywood directors who do this are racist, ignorant or just trolling POC. I honestly just don't get how this is still happening in 2017…. https://twitter.com/AtsukoComedy/status/862153351324065792
    Also check out his brother @matt_mcgowan 's series of tweets defending it. It's unbelievable.

  14. Thanks for this video. I have anxiety, depression and mild panic attacks. I've had them since my mother died when I was 12. I'm 29 now. I feel like I'm closer to the 2 of u now since we both have shared similar experiences.

  15. Grace you sharing your story will help many ❤️❤️❤️ you inspire me in so many ways and I will always support you! Thank you for speaking out and sharing your personal story

  16. Sorry to be that person but all these celebrities have mental illness as a result of their MK ultra programming. Yes even Selena Gomez, all of them are puppets

  17. Great, great points. I have intense anxiety and depression. It limits me way more than I would like but I have an amazing group of friends. They check in, they predict how I'm going to feel (and are always right) before I even know, they always know exactly what to do and they never ever make me feel like a burden. I have no idea where I'd be without them. A support system can change everything if you allow people in. Not everyone will know how to act around you but you will find a special few who get it. Moral of the story, don't lock people out. They WILL understand.

  18. This generation is obsessed with finding ways to be a victim and getting people to feel bad for them. Example, Grace: "Everybody, I am having anxiety attacks and I am depressed and this is serious and look at me and mental illness mental illness mental illness…" I say, deal with your problems because broadcasting them will only reinforce it, and maybe stop pretending your feelings are the number one tragedy when there are multiple ongoing genocides and 1 billion people are starving.

  19. i know how the smoking/drinking thing is .. usually i still have fun when im drunk or high but it's starting to become more of a 'coping' tool and i'm kinda worried about that

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