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[Celebrity News] Surfer bro calls for cliffside monument to Paul Walker

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A surfer bro prankster who previously called on a city council to erect a statue of Paul Walker now says that the late The Fast And The Furious actor should be honored with a giant Mount-Rushmore style monument.’Chad Kroeger’, whose real name is Tom Allen, on Tuesday petitioned the city council of San Clemente, California to consider his proposal to carve Walker’s giant visage into the San Clemente cliffs.Kroeger, who shares his pseudonym with the lead singer of Nickelback, first petitioned the local body in March, when he asked the city to build a 12-foot statue of Walker.’Unfortunately division in our country has gotten worse since we last spoke,’ Kroeger said on Tuesday, alluding to the racial tensions surrounding monuments that have boiled over across the country.’The division made me bummed and I was worried I was going to stay bummed. What little bit of stoke I had in me made me watch the first drag race from “The Fast And The Furious” and my stoke meter filled right back up,’ the dude continued.The bemused city council responded to Kroeger’s last plea with a one-foot-tall statue of Walker.’Paul was a giant among men, and a one foot statue is not gigantic enough to unify this nation. It’s obviously too small to create a global impact,’ Kroeger said.He then unveiled his concept art for a 12-foot statue to go on the local pier. Two sketches showed Walker, one a large bust from the waist up and shirtless, the second full body and fully clothed.’Are you saying with legs or without legs?’ one city councilman asked.’With legs, I think preferably, and maybe Vans [shoes], or Converse,’ Kroeger replied.Kroeger then ran out of time and called his bro J.T. Parr to the podium to present their grand vision.’One of the Dakotas has Mount Rushmore, we could have Mount Paul Walker,’ Parr said. ‘We really feel he could be a uniting force for the community.’The surfers unveiled their sketch of Walker’s face carved into the San Clemente cliffs to the laughter of the council members.Earlier this year, city councilman Tim Brown responded to Kroeger’s original proposal with a one-foot statue of Walker, which he says prompted him to return and up the ante.’We are huge fans,’ Allen told CBS Los Angeles. ‘We’re obviously playing characters. The dialogue is supposed to be comedic, but it comes from a real place.”They really enjoy us, which is cool,’ he said. ‘They’re not annoyed – they were all sort of smiling, all the people there, too.’In March, he told the council that the statue would serve as a ‘unifying figure’ in the ‘midst of gnarly times’.’After interviewing hundreds of people, I’ve witnessed first hand the ever growing divide between Americans and families torn apart by political differences.’It’s in times like these we need a unifying figure we can all turn to, a beacon of headlights that can guide us down the dusty road,’ Kroeger told his audience.Kroeger continued to say that ‘Paul’s onscre
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4801376/Surfer-bro-calls-cliffside-monument-Paul-Walker.html


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