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Celebs Who Have Biracial Kids

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This video about celebrities who have biracial children, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous actors, models, and musicians have biracial children. Some of these famous people have biological biracial children, while others adopted.

Channel “Celebrities TV” will talk about the most famous actors, singers and politicians of the United States and other countries.


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32 thoughts on “Celebs Who Have Biracial Kids

  1. 18 June 2017:  Mod Squad actress, Peggy Lipton-Jones is still just as cute as she was when she was on the Mod Squad in the 70's with actors, Clarence Williams and Mike Cole.   Talented actor, Robert Deniro has Always loved chocolate more than vanilla.

  2. What a low, lame video….placing children into "categories" based on the ethnicity of their parents? No wonder racism and bigotry is rampant. Why aren't we just looking at anyone, especially every child, as an individual? We're all humans ffs, just trying to get along in this world and be happy. It's videos like this that suck the life out of that concept.

  3. "This video contains information on celebrities with biracial children."

    Thanks, the title didn't tell me anything at all about what the video was about. Good to know.

  4. I can't believe grown ass people would think that being multi cultural really would make you confused of who you are?wtf 😑my kid's are African American,Native, and Asian(mien,chinese and laos) and never have they been "confused" about who they are

  5. Diana Ross' oldest daughter Chudney is not biracial. her biological father is
    Berry Gordy Jr. of Motown Records. Diana Ross married the man who raised Chudney and who she considers her father, when she was all ready pregnant by Berry, who was married to Hazel Gordy at the time.

  6. It doesnt matter what color you are, or how much you weigh. I'm adopted. My mom's white and i'm brown and so is my dad. Big deal. If you think about it hard enough this person is being a little racist.

  7. Mariah Carey's kids are more than 1/4 white, it's obvious. Mariah is at least 70% European, her father was a mulatto.And Nick is probably 20/25% European.

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