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Celebs Who Split After Their Spouse Got Too Famous

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As anyone who has ever tied the knot will tell you, marriage is a series of adjustments. Sometimes, those adjustments can be too much to bear — like if your better half suddenly becomes famous overnight. Here are some of Hollywood’s most well-known unions that fell apart as soon as one star became more famous than the other…

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris | 0:17
Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe | 1:28
Robin Thicke and Paula Patton | 2:08
Kelsey and Camille Grammer | 2:56
Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson | 3:43
Scott Foley and Jennifer Garner | 4:22

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48 thoughts on “Celebs Who Split After Their Spouse Got Too Famous

  1. Jennifer Garner dumped her husband when she got famous and dated her co-star in Alias, then married Ben Affleck, then Affleck cheated on her and dumped her. It's like what goes around comes around. They should have stayed with the spouse who loves them from the start and not let fame get into their heads.

  2. No Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani?! Gavin cheated on Gwen with the NANNY — what's more cliched than that? He couldn't handle her ever-increasing fame after his band flamed out. When they first met in the post-grunge 90s, people knew about Bush and Gavin Rossdale as lead singer but No Doubt was just starting to hit the big time (this was after Tragic Kingdom but before the release of Rock Steady which is what made them famous — Gwen's solo albums followed and made her a mega star before The Voice). Gavin couldn't handle it.

  3. none fo the reasons given were accurate. To name a few, Gardner hooked up with costar Vartan, then with Afleck. Pratt with Lawrence, Thick cheated too.

  4. They weren't married but M.I.A and diplo used to date and they split because of one becoming more famous than the other although the tables have now turned… Diplo used to get angry and jealous at M.I.A because she was having all this success before he finally had his own

  5. I remember Foley would complain that he didn't want to snuggle up to his wife after she'd been making out with someone else all day in an interview. Um, you're both actors. Isn't that part of the job?

  6. You never loved them if this is why it ended. Most of these couples that break up when one becomes more successful prove they had no idea what love really meant. At all. If you become jealous, immature, bitter, or literally anything but happy for them as their dreams come true you’re just selfish. Plain and simple. It’s that easy. If you love someone you don’t feel the need to keep them down.

  7. I think most of Chris Pratt's sexiness came from him appearing to be a good husband, good father, and how he seemed to be in love with Anna. Now he's not sexy to me anymore. To know someone wasn't faithful to the mother of his child is a big turn off. He's naturally chubby and has to work really, really hard to achieve a super hero body. She loved him before he was famous and while he wasn't in shape. Eventually he'll look back and realize that the grass wasn't greener on the other side.

  8. Chris and Anna have split because he's changed so much…

    1)He's buff and she liked him soft and fat
    2)He smokes cigars now… no idea if he smoked before but I doubt it. Huge turn off for some.
    3)He's acting with beautiful women in big budget movies as opposed to nobody's on tv
    4)His ego seems to have gotten bigger… maybe he was more 'down to earth' before his star turn?
    5) He spends so much time away from his family – she was never on the JW set or GOTG set… likely they've grew apart.

    Change is sometimes a bad thing in a relationship. Suddenly she didn't know this loveable goofball at all. Sad

  9. No no no no, robin thick had been cheating on his wife for a minute and that's why they broke up. Everybody knows that. They were having trouble before blurred lines. And ppl knew robin before blurred lines.

  10. If you marry someone without being 100% happy for them, then dont marry at all. You need to be there for your spouse, and they have to be there for you. It's disgusting to see people break up with their spouses because their ass isnt as famous as the spouse's

  11. This is called greed. This is why I frequently bring up Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Ryan is a greedy fella, if Blake gets a huge hit, he will leave her. He did the same to scarlet Johansson and pushed out Tim Miller from Deadpool 2.

    Swank is a dude.

    Exactly how Kelsey grammar treated his wife. She been for 30 years now she wanted to do her own thing so he dumped her. Reynolds will do this to Lively

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