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Chipotle Almost KILLS ‘Supergirl’ Star?! (Rumor Patrol)

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Did a major actor almost die after eating Chipotle?! Sounds crazy, but we’re breaking it down, right now on Rumor Patrol!

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21 thoughts on “Chipotle Almost KILLS ‘Supergirl’ Star?! (Rumor Patrol)

  1. A fcking supercrap shipper worked there and did this bc of the sddc thing… That's why it was only him who's got poisened… He didn't agree with their fictional ship!!
    These ppl seriously need help 😠

  2. my god. this jeremy thing is actually quite overreacted 😂
    okay i get jeremy got hospitalised, but i think ‘almost died’ was a overexaggeration, because me, a broadway + supergirl stan knows JEREMY IS LIKE THAT that’s his personality and stuff. i get he probably felt the feeling he ‘almost died’ due to the pain of the food poisoning, but please don’t take words QUITE LITERALLY. he was seen on set healthy and living two days later and out of the hospital bed chill guys 😂

  3. Hold up I’m a part of the Supergirl fandom and I have no idea if it’s true but apparently a Supercorp fan that worked there who thought his song at comic con was very offensive poisoned him and I don’t know if they confessed or what and again I have no proof nor am I saying it’s true I’m just asking if anyone else can confirm or give me more details because the whole thing confused and worried me

  4. Dont stop eating there, because this fix the company issues. Like IMMEDIATELY, so he doesnt need to eat their but um…sabatoge? Their systems would have his purchase documented. Go✋👉

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