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5 thoughts on “Chris Brown Celebrity Reading (Karreuche & Love life)

  1. Daughter's name is Royalty but they call her RoRo for short. He was born 5/5/89. I believe Kae just played him for money and fame. She never really loved him. He don't love these hoes. He needs me 😜 I wanna know things like will he ever truly regain his fame back on the level he was before the Rih situation? Will he get married and have more kids? And if so with who? What type of girl? Will he ever do the Super Bowl halftime because we need that! Will he and Bey ever collaborate?

  2. He feels stuck because of what? You said because of the "case"?He does have bad ppl around him. Lmao at ghetto girl. Another reader said the same. Do a reading to see if karrueche is spiritually gifted. If she does spells or practice magick

  3. Now this was a good reading..But another reader who is mostly accurate already said the restraining order wasnt going through and karrueche was gonna reach out to come to an agreement. So there is no actual facts she was granted ….believe it or not but no restraining order happened. …she def needs the attention

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