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Omg Christmas is coming and I’M NOT READY!! haha jk I’m actually so freaking ready haha Hope you love today’s vlogmas..only 2 more days OMG!! xo -Alisha Marie
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44 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! Vlogmas Day 23

  1. Went to Urban Outfitters today for the 1st time to actually get something and I was thinking “maybe I can find some things that I’ve seen Alisha get” and I look at the price tags. And cried inside. So hard

    p.s. small youtuber here!! wouldn’t mind if anyone checked out my channel😉

  2. Christmas is overrrrr! nooooo but I hope everyone had a good Christmas! My very first video I watched of Lida was when she did her morning routine in her pink room and she had dark hair! OMG THEN I STARTED GETTING OBSESSED WITH HER!!!!!!!!!YOUR AMAZING ALISHA

  3. My first main channel video I saw was your Christmas diys video of 2015 and first vlog I’ve seen of yours is when you hit one million on ur vlog channel and surprised Niki and gabi

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