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Comey’s Firing Is Inspiring ‘Godfather’ Comparisons

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A senior intelligence official equated the White House’s means of firing FBI Director James Comey to Francis Coppola’s classic ‘horse head in the bed’ scene.

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35 thoughts on “Comey’s Firing Is Inspiring ‘Godfather’ Comparisons

  1. Canadian intelligence service has warned the PMO of increasing likelihood the US administration may initiate a false terrorist attack to justify a declaration of martial law.

  2. Witch Hunt ? DING DONG The Witch Is Dead !Impeach Donald HUMP & Make America Great Again !! & Take Dumpster Slut Kellyanne Conway /dicklicker Spicer and boy humpa tucker Carlson with you !!!M DING DONG You Orange ASSWIPE !!!

  3. FOX's "Hollywood Walk of Shame': Trump hate equals ratings" says Stephen Colbert is not funny……….I TOTALLY AGREE………………He's a hilarious GENIUS

  4. We have a very bad situation here…if Trump gets dumped..we end up with Pence…OMG maybe we are better off with the idiot Trump because he will destroy the GOP, destroy the GOP's credibility and maybe we'll gain some republicans at the end of his term.
    We are totally fucked either way… Pence ideas are so archaic and totally fucked up! He will send us back to the year 1937…
    Women will lose, all minorities, poor people, No more science in schools, you will have to pray to his god… I can go on and on. We are fucked big time people 🙁

  5. more then two hundred years building the self proclaimed 'greatest country in the world' and it reduced to a corrupt laughing stock by a senior citizen and a foreign dictator and all right in your face with the thinnest of lies. This is how the keys to all the nukes in America fall into the hands of a lying incompetent.

  6. I would love to see one episode where or when, Stephen Colbert plays the music and Jon Batiste tells the stories. Just one time and see what happens.

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