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Crybully Democrats Hate On President’s Epic Speech

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In an epic speech to the joint sessions of congress and the American people that Ivanka Trump had a hand in writing, President Donald J. Trump straddled party lines and solidified his position as the nation’s bold Commander in Chief.

The crybully’s on the left were shaken as they watched their globalist dream turn into ash before their eyes.

Seats are up for reelection in 2018. If the Democrats keep flapping their elitist jaws, the Democratic party may begin to border on extinction. Jon Bowne reporting for


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29 thoughts on “Crybully Democrats Hate On President’s Epic Speech

  1. Shame on the democrats, Eliot Engel another career politician that mooches off the tax payer. He would rather have a Marxist or a lying Criminal in the white house, than a Patriot. We need Politician Reform. Eliminate their health care, eliminate their pensions, and set term limits. Also, not allow them to do insider trading. Power corrupts, these people give themselves raises, set their own pensions up, give themselves free health care insurance. Until we eliminate these things nothing will change. They spend their whole time in office pandering, because they may loose the job and all the benefits in the next election. They should get paid a wage while in office, and out of that, they pay for their own health insurance save for their own retirement, just like the rest of us. Get in Get out Get a job Ass Holes. Holding a political office was never mint to be a life time job.

  2. We The People of America First reject dangerous signal with real Weakness, Trump to issue the executive order that banned people from 7 countries Muslim entry visa, this action of Trump bears the stamp of dangerous imposter Obama, who collected the fake intelligence Muslim Obama and his allies of THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA PRESS enemy of American People , this action results in a great loss of the approach of the facts about the invasion and attack Muslim 9.11.2001 against US Republic, that when Trump a bad use of his constitutional authority, using the distraction of visa issue, I work which corresponds to the Secretary of the department of State, that it is clear as well are revealed in the records of the blatant treason and rape to US Constitution , which comes giving to US territory under the administration of the Clinton dynasty – Bush – Obama, being the only and real way to correct to Defense Security to care for the lives of Americans and national security, is, if with stock of defense to make the US president and commander in Chief US military and Militias is if this reaches directly the head of Muslim real enemy and their support that consists of first and second Amendment which since 1791 enforce finally has well banned, outside the law, in the US territory on the dangerous Rule of Guerra Sharia Islam Koran Muslim, this made factual, is that forces to immediately to the Commander in Chief US military and Militias to redefine the national objective, which is the constitutional authority of the Executive order issued Presidential and military, for once removed American soil reaching the head of the dangerous enemy located in Saudi Arabia and Iran Muslim and whose Trojan of war in mosques them in territory USA working from center of terrorist attacks preparation 9.11.2001 and continually are happening in the world, this Muslim enemy is fought only with the immediate cancellation of any operation on US territory of the Rule of War, Blackmail and iniquity so-called Sharia Islam Koran Muslim Mosques and arrest the Islam – Imam including the dangerous Sham Muslim Obama, by being an aggravating circumstance that treason in mosques them Muslim installed in US territory continue celebrating (with Obama) the impunity of the cruel attack Busk-Saudi-Iran Muslim of the 9.11.2001. (see development and record of the Muslim treason), Bush using the taxpayers spending money more three billion, with the authorization of elite bipartisan betrays, who blithely authorized attack and invade Iraq, shaped to monsters fraud impunity to designate his successor Muslim Obama for 8 years unconstitutional Sham President l power by being born in Kenya the Muslim Obama imposter following ls so-called mission accomplishment, ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, in order to allow its Muslim allies to come to take the Iraq as Mosul main cities, then the imposter Muslim Obama in campaign of unconstitutional reelection 2012 on realty TV show shows the development of the murder extra judicially main CIA Osama Bin Landen terrorist, and with that Act suspicious systematical  in 2016 seeking impunity for terrorist tyranny Muslim Arabia Saudi by VETO end of the favor and protect by obstruction of Justice of its terrorist ally Saudi Arabia Muslim facing US Justice.
    American watch as they come acting these treason bipartisan, which is a big problem for National Security: Look In the development of the bipartisan betrayal tin, this, that these anti American only obey so-called secret "Politics of State" above the US constitution, there it sees in the record the unconstitutional "previous agreements", to make adjusted Law in favor of the enemy Muslim in authorization to negotiate nuclear arms agreement with enemy Muslim Iran and to authorize the impostor Muslim Obama to pay them cash for their terrorist acts against Americans, all against to dissociate and destroyed the US republic. Don't more Anarchy use firms hand under Us Constitution enforce.  
    Donald J Trump your is our voice you choose11.08.2016 , now acts with firm hand under the US Constitution, defend with courage what we have sworn, We The People in power now is the time for America First Forever !!!

  3. Chuck Schumer is a talking bag of crap. Trump has done nothing for "working people"? Really? Well, aside from actually creating THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of jobs for those very people, maybe not …yet, as President. But what has the self-inflating deity, Mr. Schumer ever done for anyone other than himself in the 20-odd years he has been warming a chair in Washington? He's just another multi-millionaire POLITICIAN! That stinking parasite LIVES on the public dole and cries like a baby on cue to try to persuade his mindless dupe followers. Gimme a break chucky. You're such a loser.

  4. I'd have to "fact-check" the Muslim at the end, but I don't recall Trump singling out ANY group except when defined as a common concern i.e., RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS.

  5. Engel will never tell you that the MONEY CHANGERS own 90% of the worlds media. His fellow trialbilists. Democrats and money changers are enemies of America.

  6. What's wrong with these people ? do they understand english ? do the understand when someone talks to them ? this is crazy ! this is one of the best speeches i have heard in my life !!! thank you Donald trump! We are one! we all bleed the sam color !!!! God bless you!

  7. These Democrats are the enemies of the American people. They are dangerous traitors and they are dastardly tyrants. They deserve the death of tyrants and traitors. Death to these scum.

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