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DeMario reveals Video will PROVE he didn’t do anything WRONG !!

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Former Bachelor in Paradise contestant DeMario Jackson believes video of his hook-up with Corinne Olympios will clear him of any wrong doing after concerns about consent in one scene halted production on the reality series.
The New York Post obtained text messages between DeMario and a friend, who contacted the reality star after news broke that the incident was under investigation by Warner Bros.
‘Jesus- crazy day for you. You holdin up okay’ the friend asks.
‘S***s crazy,’ Demario responds. ‘I just want the footage. We all know what happened and the tape will prove it. Thanks for the love though.’

TMZ previously reported DeMario’s side of the story, based on people who spoke with him after he was sent home last week.
DeMario claimed that he and Corinne were told by the producers ahead of shooting that their relationship would be a plot line of the show, because both had been villains on their respective seasons of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor.
On the first day of shooting, DeMario says Corinne approached him at the bar and sat in his lap.
Corinne eventually beckoned DeMario into the pool where she stripped down and they started getting physical, with ‘rubbing, touching and fingering’.
DeMario claims he was too drunk to have penetrative sex with Corinne, but that he did perform oral sex on her when she put her genitals in his face.
Sources who spoke to Corinne told TMZ that she was blackout drunk and doesn’t remember the encounter at all – meaning she could not have given consent.
However, the two are reportedly on good terms and Corinne is more angered at the producers who didn’t intervene.
On Tuesday, a crew member spoke out to to detail what they saw of the hook-up.

‘Corinne and Demario found out when they arrived in Mexico that the storyline would involve the two of them hooking up so they decided to hang out and get better acquainted over drinks,’ says the source.
‘Soon they decided to go swimming and when they climbed into the Jacuzzi, they were both loaded. Corinne proceeded to remove her bathing suit and things got increasingly sexual.
‘There was hugging and kissing and touching, but before long, she seemed to go limp and was sliding under water. Demario kept trying to hold her up and at the same time he appeared to be having intercourse with her. After he finished – which only lasted a few seconds – he lifted her out of the water and laid her on the cement, where he proceeded to have oral sex with her.
‘She appeared to be unconscious,’ says the source. ‘At that point some of the crew came out and carried her off to her room. She was limp and seemed unable to walk on her own.’
Another source told TMZ on Tuesday that Corinne was so wasted hours after the hook up that she could barely stand.

Witnesses said that two hours after the encounter, Corinne was ‘stumbling drunk, eyes closed, slurring badly and wearing her clothes inside out’.
‘She was on a whole other level,’ the source said.
The source that spoke with said they were ‘deeply disturbed…not just at what happened, but over the way it was handled.’
‘One of the things that really disturbed people was that no one called a doctor or paramedic, which some felt they should have. Instead someone made the decision to just let her sleep it off.
‘When Corinne awoke the next morning, people began filling her in on what happened the night before, because she claimed to have absolutely no recollection of what transpired,’ the source said.
Since filming was suspended, the source says that the set has been turned into a crime scene and that investigators with the Los Angeles Police were even called to look it over. Doctors and psychologists were also brought in to interview everyone about what they saw. The source said that lawyers deposed those who witnessed the hook-up and told the cast and crew not to speak out about what they saw.
‘Corinne is preparing to file a law suit because she feels she was not protected by the show’s producers. And she ended up flying home to Miami after she was examined and interviewed,’ says the source. ‘She was totally distraught and even after being told what happened, she insisted she had no recollection of the events.
The crew stayed on until Monday, when they back to Los Angeles. The source says that everyone is under the impression that the show will be cancelled ‘because the brand will be too tarnished to move forward’.

‘There were also rumors early on that they were going to scrap the show and offer Corinne a show of her own, or try and switch to filming a hurry – up wedding between last year’s contestants, Evan Bass and Carly Waddell who are engaged, but in the end they abandoned both ideas, paid off the crew, and sent them home.


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