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Demi vs. Ariana: Which Song Will Rule Summer 2017?

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Demi Lovato’s “No Promises” with Cheat Code and Ariana Grande on Calvin Harris’ “Heatstroke” dropped the same day and are going head-to-head as contenders for THE song of the summer.

Both Demi and Ariana released their hot hot HOT collaborations on March 31, which means it’s time to ditch the sweaters for summery attire. Demi teamed up with DJ/producer trio Cheat Codes for “No Promises” and while you may not know them by name, you’ve probably heard their remake of the 2003 song “Turn Me On,” which boasts over 200 million plays on Spotify.

Ariana on the other hand, lent her vocals to the newest Calvin Harris song “Heatstroke,” which also features Young Thug and Pharrell Williams. With both tracks sounding like summer staples, we know they’ll be playing everywhere you go. Grab your bathing suits and unicorn floaties as we break down which pop princess will have your favorite song for summer 2017.

While both songs already have millions of plays on Spotify, it’s Demi’s “No Promises” that’s already promising to top the charts for song of the summer this year as it leads with number of streams. The first 10 seconds of song will be sure to hook you with its catchy beat and Demi’s unmistakable vocals throughout the whole song will have you rushing to the center of the dance floor yelling to the DJ to turn it up.

Ariana on the other hand, unfortunately, doesn’t come into “Heatstroke” until almost a minute and a half in and honestly, you’ll be wondering why she wasn’t on the track sooner. But even with Pharrell Williams and Young Thug’s vocals you’ll be jamming to the tune long before Ari’s vocals hit.

The two tracks also have very different sounds. Demi’s is a quintessential club hit that could easily fit on her 2015 album Confident. It has a catchy hook and undeniable beat that could make anyone get up and dance. But it’s “Heatstroke” that will transport you to a beach with your friends drinking endless piña coladas — even if you’re landlocked. It’s funk-pop sound will get you grooving with a smile on your face in the summer heat, which is no surprise because Calvin Harris recently said quote, “All my songs in 2017 have been sonically designed to make you feel f****** incredible.”

While we don’t have music videos yet, each song does have its own cover art and we have to hand this one over to “Heatstroke.” The sunset orange skyline embodies the perfect summer night and goes right along with the theme and song title.

Even without hearing a second of the song you know it’s going to be a summer jam. “No Promises” features a geometric design with a shattered heart inside a prism that doesn’t scream summer to me. Paired with the pastel colors, its summer vibe is definitely missing.

Finally, let’s talk lyrics. Young Thug’s “Heatstroke” party rhymes are definitely NSFW, but they will get you in an endless-summer state of mind. Ariana’s crooning vocals on her hook with Pharrell will make you melt faster than a popsicle as they sing: “When you do things like this/And you set me free/How can anyone get tired?/When you do things like this/And you set me free/I think I just been inspired” And with a name like Heatstroke, it’s no surprise that the jam is meant to be your summer anthem.

Demi’s “No Promises” will make you want to cozy up to your summer love and dance without a care in the world till the sun comes up — even if you know it won’t last forever. The song is basically a summer fling in words with lyrics like: “Baby I think about you/And I feel it, deep in my heart/Maybe we just ain’t meant to be something/Maybe we are?” with lyrics like that, it’ll make you want to keep swiping right all summer long. Sadly, the only summer vibe we get from the lyrics is a part about diving into water.

Now that we’ve put the two songs head-to-head as song of the summer, let me know which song you think will be the hottest song of summer 2017 in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe after commenting.

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  1. No promises is my favourite, not a big fan of heatstroke tbh. So far though, it looks like us against the world by Darren styles will be my summer tuneeee! ❣️

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