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Disney’s New Mulan Liu Yifei: Top 5 Facts to Know

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Disney’s New Mulan Liu Yifei: Top 5 Facts to Know // Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/MsMojo?sub_confirmation=1

This is Disney’s new Mulan! We’re looking at everything we know about the latest live-action Disney princess. Did you know that she isn’t stranger to Hollwood films? In 2008, she starred alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li in “The Forbidden Kingdom” and in 2014 acted in “Outcast” with Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen. She’s a singer! Though she may be better known for her acting, earlier in her career Liu Yifei spent time focusing on breaking into the music scene in Asia.

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33 thoughts on “Disney’s New Mulan Liu Yifei: Top 5 Facts to Know

  1. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? It's not a musical?! Why ?! That seems like a big mistake! Not sure I'll be seeing this! The songs are a significant reason explaining why people love Mulan!

  2. No whitewashing, great news but she's 30 playing 16. Makes me think women aren't allowed to age in Hollywood, they always have to pretend they're young and can't accept their age.

  3. So…people are mad that this isnt a musical?..This isnt High School Musical people its an action adventure movie.Sure there were singing in the animated version but that was a long time ago.Things change.Give the movie a chance,plus Did the movie tron have a musical? Did rescuers Down under have a musical?.No.Some disney animated movies doesnt always have singing in it.Its more about the storytelling in the disney movie as it plays out till the end that matters more then singing.

  4. I would actually prefer it if the live action Mulan wasn't a musical. I don't want it to be like Beauty and the Beast where it was just a copy of the original animated movie, I want it to be a fresh take, make it similar but different enough for it to be interesting

  5. Okay here's my big issue I feel that the live-action of Mulan should be a musical because without those songs in there it's just going to be empty waste of people moving around you know and it just going to be so boring and I feel that if they have some music in there it's going to be interesting and it's going to be just like the original movie and I feel that it will be better if there was singing and dancing in there

  6. Mulan still one of the best Disney princess that I've ever seen. She didn't go to war to prove anything to anyone, she all by herself left her own house to join the war against the Hun's only to protect her father and the rest of her family. It's just beautiful… It's something that I would do for my own family, that's why I feel that she is so relatable.

  7. You westerners try so hard to be politically correct with everything that you invent terms like "White Washing" and then fail to live up to your own PC standards. One one hand you congratulate yourself for casting a Chinese lead actress. But on the other hand, she has to memorize her script in English…for a story set in ancient China.

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