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Ending the pursuit of perfection | Iskra Lawrence | TEDxUniversityofNevada

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In this inspiring talk, model Iskra Lawrence asserts that we all need to be taught how to look after ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally and encourages us to invest in ourselves right now. She gives examples of self-care techniques like the mirror challenge and the gratitude list that work for anyone, any age, anytime. If we learn self-care and practice self-care, then we can gift self-care to others.

Iskra is a British model represented by JAG models in the Americas and Models1 in Europe. A champion of body diversity, Iskra has long been committed to improving the image of women in the media, having been told she was both “too big” for straight-size modeling and “not big enough” for plus-modeling. Iskra is committed to posting unretouched images on her social media channels and has launched her #IskrasArmy campaign to introduce compulsory self-care education for boys and girls in UK schools.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


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31 thoughts on “Ending the pursuit of perfection | Iskra Lawrence | TEDxUniversityofNevada

  1. Great story and motivational speech , but there is a lot more to self love and true self respect than she is sharing here. Self love and health go hand in hand, clearly she's not a health advocate if she's encouraging that it's ok to eat junk.

  2. conditioned thinking.
    nevertheless, helped a few,
    we are right where we need to b2
    clean water? this is when 2 plus 2 is not 4
    thumbs down for nonsense delivery
    thumbs up for good intentions

  3. So much truth. Realizing I started having so much more issues with my body after highschool and hearing my friend's complain about their own. Ignorance was bliss.

  4. I think there should be a balance between being okay with how we look but at the same time eating healthy. Yes it's okay to be plus size but it doesn't mean that you should allow that to be an excuse to eat unhealthily. I liked her speech overall but I didn't particularly like the part she used the picture of her laying down on the crisps as a comeback because it can send off as a wrong message to people thinking it's ok to eat unhealthily.

  5. It's curious that she of all people is spreading the word about self-care. Everyone I know wants a body like hers… I'm sure I'm hyper sensitive because I'm so insecure about my body, but for real, she is goals. I would never complain about anything again if I looked like that

  6. I just watched this after an in-home workout, during in which I was squeezing the fat on my stomach and yelling at my body for it. I love it when it when Iskra says, "Imagine being able to give the gift of self-love to your loved ones."

  7. This was a truly fabulous talk with practical tools on getting rid of body shame. However, I'm sad that it is titled "ending the pursuit of perfectionism". Because many people to whom it would be of benefit (and need a talk specifically about body image) might miss out.

  8. Inspirational video. but the issue has to be attended to from its foundation. The first problem we make is to even put a definition of perfection. We have allowed the media to tell us and display it, but is that what perfection is?

  9. yeah sure we need to love ourselves but honestly there are beautiful peoe in the world who have amazing bodies and facial features….and they will stand out because that's just how that is. there is such a thing as beauty it's just that it's different for everyone. if you study evolution than you will see why we are naturally attracted to thinner, well proportioned and attractive people. that is because it shows that your traits have survived and adapted over time to continue the process of life.

  10. Going to gym is one of the things that I think everybody should do. Loving your body is very important in whatever shape or size you're and hence you got treat it well because you respect it (going to gym, eating healthy foods, etc). I hope people won't get confused here on what she's trying to say since I'm confused a bit. Cheers 🙂

  11. this is a right message, but I did my research and apparently her butt has been modified surgically by a fat transfer. she had a completely different body shape before fame. that's quite hypocritical, she gained her fame thanks a healthy bmi and trendy figure, that she most likely got unnaturally.

  12. What a clear message. I hope everyone shares this video. I applaud Iskra for reminding us how media is designed to make us feel insecure (including social media). When she said, "if we are insecure, we are a motivated consumer … Guess what? Who wins from this battle? The brands, the magazines, the pharmaceutical industry. And who looses? We loose." It's all too easy to forget this and feel like you're nothing more than a massive to-do list of dietary supplements, work outs, the perfect clothes, beauty routines, treatments, and products to feel worthy by becoming that perfect (unattainable) person, but that's how companies are cashing in. They feed on our insecurities and self-worth.

  13. There's something that is bothering me ….. WHY???? WHY??? Iskra look at yourself…. I am sorry but I think is your fault you felt bad when you were 13…. You were surrounded by bad crowds…. I know tonnes of girls who know they are overweight but take pride on their body…. and what is really ugly???? There is fat yes that you can change bit ugly? How can one be ugly? If you consider your self-ugly you are ugly because of only your opinion values…. LADIES YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, did you know the girl that you consider beautiful considers herself-ugly until it goes back to you and someone considers you beautiful. First thing there is a girl for every man that I can personally guarantee you, I am 100% certain. Stop treating yourself like you are ugly you are all beautiful in your own way trust me! And Iskra you are beautiful and whoever is reading your are too… Just so you know girls would have killed to have your body or have…

  14. Agree with the self love message. However. On some points, she tends to slip the being fat is beautiful message, and that is BS. The part with the crisps? No. That is not cool, and not healthy and being even slightly overweight IS NOT TO BE ENCOURAGED. Neither is to be underweight. Look at society these days, we have WAY more health problems with being too fat than too thin. Can't hear those bashes about skinny models any more and those pathetic tries to push "plus size", it's just as sick, just the other extremum. Just eat real whole foods and live an active, ahealthy life, and you will be fine in size/weight.

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