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34 thoughts on “Episode 187 – 5/23/17

  1. Katy "Petty" is still using that Taylor Swift beef to stay relevant– ridiculous. It gets old to see celebrities trying to pull another down to get any shine…smdh. Especially when she broke girl code and dated her ex, when they were cool. Taylor shouldn't even respond adding fuel to the fire

  2. Porsha's hair 🙍🏽stays laid 💕💕💕💕. Love the whole crew especially the way they shade each other 😂😂. It's hilarious. Dish on guys👍🏽

  3. f Monique! ghetto ass woman with a mouthful of hate! how embarrassing her Guttermouth is wait till her children see that later on in life she has no class and I'm embarrassed for her

  4. I hate Monique feel she is being black balled but she won and Oscar acting as a drug addicted mother. Lets be honest she isn't a Cecily Tyson, Viola Davis, Halley Berry or Taraji Henson. Her technique of exposing people isn't going to help her in the future job hunt.

  5. As an African American i can honestly say that blacks in Hollywood with power and money like all three people Monique is blasting, other blacks not in the industry will blast Monique for being Truthful and honest and instead will call her BITTER ANGRY IRRELEVANT BLACK WOMAN and that's sad. we can only blast folks attacking or being racist towards us but oh lord better not blast the good precious blacks like Ms Oprah for black balling keeping abother black woman out of business and work

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