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25 thoughts on “Episode 91 – 1/8/18

  1. on the show blonde female said of merryl streep "she's so cool". how tbe fuck ca m. streep be "so cool" wbe she has said of h weinstein he is so not sure something good. she for sure knows about the serial rapist. she knows cuz she came up through the era. ya'll are a bunch of hypocrites. i usex to ne a fan butt fuck ya'll now. lil

  2. First of all, i love the show. Now that that;s out of the way, I think its very inappropriate for an employee (in this case Porsha) to keep asking her Boss (Rickey) how much he makes, or that they should make the same amount. One time as a bad joke is fine, twice and while on the show its inappropriate. It has nothing to do with equal pay, it is the fact that, he's your boss. You don't ask your manager at work( Nurse, cashier, hostess etc) how much they make do you? in my opinion that's very distasteful and it only happens on "our " shows.

  3. 8:45
    Rickey: “I will put that foot on your neck”
    Porsha: “what the foot do”
    Rickey: slams foot on the table
    Porsha: yeah…I don’t think my neck that strong
    Gary: 🦃 😩😂

    Dish Nation have got really good chemistry 😩😂😂💀

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