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Eva Longoria’s TV Daughter Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore

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Madison de la Garza played the defiant, often hilarious Juanita Solis on Desperate Housewives for four years. But since then, she’s gone on to do plenty more, including more acting, voiceover work, speaking out against bullying, taking up aerial gymnastics, and becoming a budding YouTube star.Here’s a look at what Eva Longoria’s precocious TV daughter has been up to since she left Wisteria Lane…

Good times | 0:26
The bonds of sisterhood | 0:57
She was cyber-bullied | 1:51
Flying high | 2:29
Strong social media game | 2:55
She has her own YouTube channel | 3:28

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37 thoughts on “Eva Longoria’s TV Daughter Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore

  1. Ugh. Calling a little girl a slur. People love to stoop so low. If you sexualize a little girl like that I'm gonna have to ask you to have s seat right there like Chris Hansen.

  2. she's beautiful ASF she's chuby but hating ND saying she ugly and fat y'all dead ass dumb grow up calling her name's aint gonna stop from her getting money ND y'all still over here hating at the bottom

  3. I had no idea she was the half sister of Demi Lavato Madison has grown into a pretty girl it's awful that people called her a slut HOW CAN PEOPLE CALL A CHILD A SLUT?

  4. To be honest she was playing a character who was casted to be fat, unattractive and a major opposite to Gabby so it's not shocking that she was picked on in the real world

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