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Famous feuds: 10 meaty celebrity beefs

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Sometimes instead of aligning, stars clash in a fiery blaze. Take Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna for example.
In happier days, the parents to daughter Dream opened up to ‘People’ magazine about their relationship for a 2016 cover story. “She got me through my darkest times,” Kardashian said of his ex, crediting her for help him break his habit of isolating himself following his weight gain. 
Viewers got a behind the scenes look at their tumultuous relationship when Blac Chyna, seen here at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, and her former flame starred on the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ spinoff ‘Rob and Chyna.’ 
During disagreements, Kardashian would often vent on social media, as he did on July 5, 2017, when he posted images of Chyna’s naked breasts, backside and genitals. 
Seen with her lawyers Lisa Bloom, left, and Walter Mosley after winning a temporary restraining order against Kardashian on July 10, Blac Chyna told ABC News she was shocked by his actions. “This is a person that I trusted,” she said. “I felt … betrayed.” 
It’s no secret that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have ‘Bad Blood.’ During a recent ‘Carpool Karaoke’ segment with James Corden in May, Perry stopped singing just long enough to confirm the rumored feud between the two. 
Perry, seen here performing at the 2017 Glastonbury Festival, told Corden that their feud stemmed from a fight over three backup dancers. As Perry tells it, they sought her permission to tour with Swift.
Perry, seen at during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, said that when she told the dancers they would be needed, they were fired after approaching Swift’s management. 
Perry claimed she attempted unsuccessfully to talk to Swift, pictured in concert in 2016. “It was a full shutdown,” she told Corden, “and then she writes a song (believed to be ‘Bad Blood’) about me.” 
What was Swift’s response to Perry’s revelation? Some on Twitter thought her decision to return to Spotify and other streaming services the same June night Perry’s album ‘Witness’ was released spoke volumes.
The feud between Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez started with four little words: ‘I don’t know her.’ When asked about Lopez in an interview, MC uttered the response that the Internet deemed shade and reveled in. 
The feud swelled when Jenny from the Block, pictured at NBC’s fall schedule presentation in May, was caught on her phone during Carey’s 2015 Billboard Music Awards performance. 
Lopez, at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards, addressed the squabble on an episode of ‘ Watch What Happens Live.’ “I may have looked down (at my phone) for one second and people were like, ‘Look at her! Look at her!’” 
A few month’s after JLo’s appearance in Andy Cohen’s clubhouse, Carey, pictured at the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards, also stopped by Bravo’s late-night show. 
She defended the interview that started it all, explaining, “Apparently, I’m forgetful, because I don’t remember the fact that it was just like, ‘Hi, I’m so and so’ and then move on.” 
‘What’s good?’ Not the once-simmering beef stew between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. Prior to hosting the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Cyrus shared some thoughts about Minaj’s expressed disappointment that she was overlooked in some categories.
As a refresher, Minaj, disappointed by the lack of VMA nods took to Twitter in 2015 to express her frustration. “If I was a different ‘kind’ of artist, ‘Anaconda’ would be nominated for best choreo and vid of the year as well,” she wrote. In another tweet she wrote, “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year.” 
When asked about Minaj’s tweets in an interview with ‘The New York Times’ published in August of that year, Cyrus called the rapper ‘not too kind.’ 
Cyrus, seen hosting the VMAs on Aug. 30, 2015, also criticized Minaj for her approach. “If you want to make it about race, there’s a way you could do that,” Cyrus said. “But don’t make it just about yourself.” 
After accepting the award for best hip hop music video, Minaj made the jaw-dropping call-out. “And now… back to this (expletive) that had a lot to say about me in the press,” she said. “Miley, what’s good?” 
Elton John and Madonna are far from being feud virgins. In 2002, The ‘Rocket Man’ singer reportedly dubbed Madonna’s ‘Die Another Day’ theme song ‘the worst Bond tune ever.’ 
Over the years, John pictured at a concert in 2017, has been vocal about his disdain for Madonna. He insinuated that she lip syncs during his acceptance speech at the Q Awards in 2004, scoffing at the idea she would be considered the best live act. ‘Since when has lip-syncing been live?’ he asked. ‘Sorry about that, but I think everyone who lip-syncs in public on stage when you pay like 75 quid to see them should be shot.’ 
John’s digs didn’t stop there. During an interview that aired in 2012 on Australia’s Channel 7, he called Madge a “nightmare” and predicted, “Her career’s over.” 
The following year, John told ‘Extra’ he and Mad


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