First Lady Melania Trump Receives The 2017 White House Christmas Tree | TIME - Celebrity News
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First Lady Melania Trump Receives The 2017 White House Christmas Tree | TIME

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First Lady Melania Trump receives the 2017 White House Christmas tree that will be on display in the White House Blue Room.
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First Lady Melania Trump Receives The 2017 White House Christmas Tree | TIME


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10 thoughts on “First Lady Melania Trump Receives The 2017 White House Christmas Tree | TIME

  1. Good Day All! Before the Richard Noggins get in here, I thought I would share some real news. The Congressional Swamp in Washington District of Columbia is about to get torched again. Democrat House Rep. John Conyers is about to be exposed for sexual harassment and GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan and John McCain covered it up using a 15 million dollar sexual abuse compensation slush fund comprised of our taxes!

    I want to touch on something else to create a discussion. Do you think Donald Trump ran for office for money and/or fame? He had both already, he isn't taking a salary currently, and his businesses are suffering from the negative slanted exposure by the media (NYT openly admits this on tape!). Here is a theory you may not have heard. Trump was actually begged to run by a bunch of "anti-deep state" people within the military and ex-mil. govt, as well as a couple honest people within some govt. agencies and perhaps even some honest media sources, like Time Magazine!

    Crazy, but part of this theory says the very deep state Trump and others are up against is part of the media. Crazy right? Please at least consider it remotely plausible that the reason sexual abuse from the highest levels of government and social echelons of society are being exposed now is because certain people have known about this for quite some time and want to correct it……and have wanted to for decades and decades).  NBC stopped the Harvey Weinstein story from coming public back in 2005!?!? Why? for over 12 years?   

    Donald J. Trump, love him or hate him (as well as many others), with knowledge far greater than many MSM outlets, are behind this. At least ask yourself this, had Hillary won the election, do you think these moral and sexual Relevations that are coming forth now on almost a daily basis would actually be occurring?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
    "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false".

    — former CIA Director William Colby

  2. Never saw anything like that with the Obama's. This makes me want to celebrate Christmas with them. These folks don't mess around with our holidays & solemn occasions. What a gracious & beautiful First Lady.

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